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The Holier-Than-Thou Dilemma

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Have you ever heard or said these words yourself? “Oh, I cannot understand God. Why would I seek a God I cannot see? Why would I want a God to help me who allows people to live through unbearable circumstances or horrific pain?”

Trusting God seems to be a cop-out.

“Not sure I really believe God is real even though I grew up going to church. Remember those Bible stories they told us in Sunday school? Who can believe them?”

Eve ate the wrong apple.sin

Noah built a very large boat for the flood God told him was supposed to come.

A Philistine giant didn’t see that rock coming that killed him.

Daniel was thrown into a den of lions yet lived to tell about it.

The problem here lies in our definition of what we believe Jesus can and cannot do.  Forget he is God on earth and everywhere all the time and is all-knowing.  Or that he was here before time began, created the earth and did it solo.

Yet we have the audacity to think he is incapable of doing that which we think we can? Even if we can’t, we aren’t quite sure we can leave him to his own merit or aptitude to do it either.

This sanctimonious haughtiness we indulge in is a result (only) of our independent self-reliance. We don’t need God nor do we need him to do it for us.

Remember your words of self-determination when the sky falls and Chicken Little is nowhere to be found to announce your impending doom.

If truth be told we know our limitations or boundaries but refuse to admit we were not born equipped to do that which only God can do, nor can we accept he did this on purpose.

Our false view of ourselves could be the outcome of an inner envy that we cannot do what God can.

While we question and analyze how we think God will accomplish the impossible, our own inadequacies and weaknesses are exposed.

Why not humble yourself, get on your wobbly knees and confess your need for his help.

After you have respectfully and meekly admitted your sin of pious, holier-than-thou self- efficiency, maybe, just maybe he will give you a hint of how he does the impossible.



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