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It was a Donkey, not a Horse

Jesus riding in on a donkey was not the “Kingly” parade many expected.  (John 12:14)

No jewels or crown; no priestly robes. An entourage of Royal Guardsmen did not pave the way.

The grand stallion was nowhere to be found.donkey

The local headliners for the Jerusalem Journal:

“”King of the Jews borrows a donkey to make his entrance.”

Living in the hills and sandy vales left nothing to be desired as far as his looks. He probably could have used a good barber too. John the Baptist must have taught him how to cook fried locusts.

This scene has bewildered the world.

Why didn’t he arrive with a cloak and dagger armor?

Why wasn’t he dressed for the Red Carpet?

If he was the “King of Kings” where were all his riches?

No wonder the Pharisees and Sanhedrin were shocked. This man didn’t represent them! He was a nomad; a man who smelled like fish.

“Bring us the real face of the Jews!”

It is just like God to do the opposite of what people think. However, had Jesus galloped in riding a beautiful white stallion dressed in ornamental designer wear preceded by an imperial escort what could the outcome have been?

A representation of the unattainable.
An ideology for the few and far between.
A derelict society due to the evil nature that lives within.
A misguided approach to the love and compassion of the Almighty.
As it was and is, the Son of God rode a borrowed donkey; dressed in a dingy cloak and dusty sandals.

His eyes gleamed of the Father’s mercy and grace for his people. His face glowed like the sun. His presence was charismatically hopeful and endearing. Wisdom poured from his words like rivers of knowledge and understanding.

He was the total epitome of unconditional love and purified holiness.

Once a saint or unbeliever discovers even these few qualities of the true “King,” riches, gems, and the overflow of material possessions lose all credibility.

It is through such heartfelt expressions we receive golden crowns and precious stones for ourselves in the wake of a new life with the Resurrected Christ.

And some of you thought the donkey was only meant for a simple ride into Jerusalem.