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A Few Words


Is the enemy attacking you over and over? annoy-complete-strangers

If so you must be a worthy opponent. 

He is afraid of what you will accomplishment for the Kingdom of God. 

If the battle wages on, keep annoying him. Do what God wants you to do.


7 thoughts on “A Few Words

  1. Love this! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  2. The more I am involved with God the more I hear from Satan. I wish he would go back to where he came from, but I know he has to remain here for a little while longer

    • Terry, it is true the closer we get to God the harder the devil attacks us. But that is when we move out of God’s way and allow him to fight for us. For you my dear, you have won a major battle against the enemy because of your love and devotion to your brother. Continue on and keep getting closer to the one who is right beside you.

  3. i’m not sure i need the t-shirt…just by being a real disciple, i offend a whole crowd of people. must be doing something right.

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