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Favor or Favors?


Favors are everywhere.

Government. Politicians. Work. Schools. Churches. Friends. Family.

What is the phrase, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?”

Ladders of success are crawling with the favors of control, manipulation and influence.

“You owe me.”DIY Party Favors

“Next time, it’s on you.”

“Will you do me a favor?”

Favors are Satan’s counterfeit to God’s favor.

Favors are exploits to barter for an expected gain or benefit. Favors always have strings attached; an obligation meant to command another to exchange an advantage.

There is nothing Godly about favors. Once done and if repeated, the relationship will falter and eventually infuse hate to the one who is owed.  The comfort zone is lost when one person owes another.

The Favor of God is planting or sowing into the life of another without expecting anything in return. God rewards those who have a heart for people no matter how they are treated.

The Favor of God is:

Giving favor or assistance to those around you
Solving problems for someone
Creating an atmosphere of love and goodness with those you come into contact with
Using your gifts of skill and proficiency to aid in the promotion of others
Be respectful of expected conduct and behavior that is unlike your own
Following orders from those in authority over you with an attitude of completion

If we diligently exercise the “Law of Divine Favor” the rewards will bring miracles, promotion, and supply of abundance, wisdom and open doors otherwise never found.

Favor can turn enemies into friends, crisis into wonders and award reputations of integrity.

God’s favor will open that which has been hidden within a person to positions of power and importance in 24 hours’ time.

Favor will produce more favor. Increase and growth follows those who seek God’s favor.

Expect favor; pursue it. Know that it takes more than what we have as humans to obtain it.

The foundation of favor is God.

And the reward is Him.


4 thoughts on “Favor or Favors?

  1. I thought I’d do everyone a ‘favor’ by re-blogging this insightful post by Naphtali. 🙂
    Great words sister!

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