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The Yoke Unleashed will stomp the devil every time…


If you’re expecting a formal, grandiose “Burning Bush” revelation from God; think again.

Not that he doesn’t find great joy in producing such phenomena but his style I have discovered is also slow, paced and articulate. However let us not forget who is the creator and designer of words, art, color and synonyms.

A major sign of God’s revelation is “peace.” He is a God of order, not disorder. He is also master of the “spontaneous.”fear

While we wait in wonder when he will speak, reveal or show up it is best to commit to getting into his presence and living there. A continuous flow of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit will give those who seek him with their whole heart blessings of getting to know him.

“Relationship” is one of satan’s greatest fears. He knows when we get into a close relationship with God, he is doomed. Why do you think he has misconstrued, lied and deceptively led people away from the intimate connection with the Creator? He has no fight against it.

Once we are settled in with God the closer we get to him the further away we get from evil. This produces a protective shield, abundance, prosperity, health, vision, guidance, direction, mercy, grace and above all, love.  And satan can’t stand “love.”

Watch how the enemy works. He is incapable of creating anything new now. He has lost and is losing power daily. But he uses that which he has used in the past or repetition.

Look for patterns of attack; health, supply, finances, marriage, divorce, strife, contention, compromise. How long do they last? How often does he switch from one to another? What is his mode of assault?

When he continues to round up his “demons and demonettes” to confront those of God with the same outbreaks, know his options are running out. Remember how God revealed the truth of his actions and the victory he gave you.

The phrase “”keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” has a ring to it. Know your enemy. Learn his tactics. Call his bluff.

Satan deceptively and consistently will tell us what our problem is; only that is to keep us from looking elsewhere. If he can keep us on his track of lies then we will not search other areas where God is waiting to tell us the answer.  The product of fear of what you hear comes from Satan, not God. So if fear of a particular problem continues to feed your mind then most likely that is not the problem at all. It is a stupid, simple tactic of the evil one to keep us off guard from the truth.

A key to remember is his total repetition of fiery darts probably is not at all what it seems to be. Get alone with God and ask him to reveal to you what you have missed, which direction to go and how to get there.  You might even laugh when you find the answer was on the other side from what the devil was telling you.

More than anything seek the peace of God so that whenever the throes of the devil arrive, stay calm, quiet and focused on Christ.  Don’t panic!

Satan has no weapons against peace. He will buckle under and slither away like the snake he is at the sign of no argument.

Peace is God’s weapon for us to use.  Get Peace. And with that peace comes the understanding of God which is a battle won every time.

Philippians 4:7



5 thoughts on “The Yoke Unleashed will stomp the devil every time…

  1. Great message!
    We were actually talking about this last night in my small group… How Satan uses all sorts of things to try to get us feeling alone. And how good Christ-centered community is big in combatting it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You, my dear friend wrote the most awesome post that I have needed to read for some time now. I keep looking for this big miracle when God will come whisk Al away to heaven to only find him still here suffering. I do question and I hear no answers. Sometimes it makes me very sad as I watch him unable to do anything for himself

    • Terry, in my own ills I have come to recognize how the devil is on the rampage of attack. We are living in one of the most important times in history but it isn’t easy. The enemy knows his time is short so he is ravaging God’s people with what he has left. I am convinced most sickness, illness or diseases are demonic in nature because it is one of the few ways he can really destroy us. I myself have been dealing with physical illnesses for the last 17 years but it is through all of this God has revealed to me so much about how he heals us, what he will do when we consistently seek him for answers and how much he wants us healthy. Like you, I have been at the bottom of life with no answers, or thinking he has left. But he is always with us even in silence.

      • Thank you for sharing with me. It makes me realize I am not alone. We are all battling the devil in one way or another. Bless you for being who you are my friend

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