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Cabin Fever or Jail?


I had to get out of the house yesterday.

After years of “cabin fever” living in the mountains I had forgotten what it was like to be stuck inside.  Having the option to go outside is one thing; knowing you could slide your way to the mailbox is another.

The first mistake I made was going down the wrong road. Or roads.1521636_624288524283514_993360826_n

Avoiding tree trimmers or debris workers was trial and error.  Scattered limbs, trunks split in half and blocked streets from inches of ice lined the landscape of this southern city.

Dealing with summer super storms or heat waves of 105 degrees for weeks on end appear to be a piece of cake compared to this past week of a major arctic blast.

The second mistake I made was going anywhere at all.

The traffic was atrocious. Cars and trucks came out of the woods to claim their piece of the aftermath pie.  Vehicles backed up for miles in some places due to downed power lines and trees created some very unhappy travelers.

The third mistake I made was…….yes….going to Walmart. Why, oh why did I go to Walmart?

The parking lot was full. Empty grocery carts found their own spaces. Shoppers who didn’t look like shoppers seemed to show up on the busiest day of the year. And it wasn’t Black Friday.

Inside the store were empty shelves and aisles full of boxes of items waiting to be unloaded. Certain departments looked like a wind storm had blown through leaving a path of SC Gamecock destruction.

Grabbing what I came for quickly I headed for the check out. I stood in line almost 20 minutes.

The clerk looked at me and said, “You would think people got let out of jail. They act like they been locked up in a cage or somethin’ and as soon as they were set free they headed to Walmart.”

There are many types of cages or jails we set up for ourselves. A few days of ice covered roads forced residents to stay home against their will. The fear of being stuck or their independence taken away for even a short time produces anxiety, stress and impatience. Go live in the mountains of WNC for a few years and you will find out quickly staying off ice or snow covered roads just might save your life.

The prisons we create or the ones we are thrown into without a fair trial leave scars that heavily affect our thinking and position in this life. Instead of believing we have an escape route given to us, we rummage around in our cells of panic, dread, apprehension and sometimes physical damage.

Jesus is the guard with the key to freedom from any type of incarceration, confinement or slammer. That key is his heart. Getting to know the person of the resurrected Christ changes our thought processes.  That means spending time in his word, praying over his words and having conversation with him may not change the circumstances, but enlightens our hearts to his responses of our circumstances.

This is not to say he won’t change our circumstances because he is in the business of miracles, signs and wonders but he also paves roads directing us down his path.jail

And for the sake of humor let’s just say Jesus offers up a Get out of Jail pass for free!
(He might let you pass go and collect $200.00 too)


5 thoughts on “Cabin Fever or Jail?

  1. Gotta love it! 🙂

    Sorry about your predicament, Cathy. Prayers and special thoughts. I’m from Mass. long time ago, so am used to nor’easters, but these take the blue ribbon! Gee! Glad I moved while I had the chance.

    Be careful and stay safe.

    Strange weather we’re have in many States. Think it’s on Someone’s top billing, to get our attention?!

    Hugs and knee-bending prayer,

  2. That “get out of jail free” card comes with a price…a lot of people don’t understand that.

  3. Cathy, great article. Jesus has certainly been the way out of my soul “prison” in which I was once captive. However, the crimes were not my own. I “did time” for crimes committed against me. Our inner world can become a type of jail when it keeps us from enjoying the abundant life that is ours through faith in the One who saves us. Often, I reflect on how my life has become a joyous journey because of the gift of grace and I’m grateful beyond words.

  4. Thank you for your like of my memo 030114. You are very kind. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

  5. Thank you for your like of my 030314 comment on the support of our military. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

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