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The Dividing Line of Reality


Do you view things from a point of reality? Optimism or Pessimism?

Depending on your circumstances, position or location it is easy to become negative. Just turn on the news and within seconds “what the world needs now” is more than love.

One fights the fine line between criticism and truth; somehow the destructive actions of many lure others to that undesirable place.girls

We are not responsible for the behavior of others, but we are also not to neglect the truth of those behaviors.

Does the wife cover the bumps and bruises she received from an angry abusive husband?

Does the child pretend and/or lie that their parents are not smoking dope or drinking alcohol while driving?

Do girls who have emotionally/mentally battering boyfriends protect them or deny the evidence?

Shackled in chains the innocent hold dear the sins of others closest to them.  Why?

Embarrassment. Shame. Humiliation. FEAR……

Threats are numerous. Manipulation is a daily scheme. Control is the game.

The victims of these perpetrators need to realize the damage done to them for not exposing those who demand their silence.

In reality the prey will inadvertently show signs of mistreatment as a result of “symptomatic blindness” of what they don’t want to see.

Do we step in? Are we who recognize the negative indications of those we care about to step aside or leave it alone?

“It’s none of my business” or “we shouldn’t get involved” are the usual scapegoating references.

What would Jesus do?

He held the hand of the woman caught in adultery forgiving and protecting her. (John 8:1-11)

He healed a man on a Sunday which was considered work according to the law. (Luke 14:1-6)

Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well offering her the gift of salvation which was forbidden by Jewish law. (John 4:4)

Jesus never asked anyone for permission to guard the children. He made it clear what would happen if even one of his little ones was hurt. (Mark 9:42)

We aren’t Jesus so we should consult him before making any move. If we know what the Bible states about certain issues God will lead us to speak or act accordingly.

Common sense speaks for itself in many cases so God would want us to do what is necessary to protect others; especially the vulnerable and weak.

The heart that has been wounded emotionally may not have the strength to cry for help.

They may need a “Jesus” ambassador to step in for them.


3 thoughts on “The Dividing Line of Reality

  1. I love your background!!!! So full of color and Spring. I know I don’t get to read your posts as often as I would like but I thoroughly enjoy them when I do, thank you

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