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Effortless Faith


More than ever we need faith. If you were like me, you had no idea what faith really was, how to get it or if it really works.

All my life I heard the words, faith comes from hearing the word of God…..so what does that mean?
(Romans 10:17)

If you don’t know God’s word or if you don’t know God you won’t have faith in him.
Faith in anything else is useless and a waste of time.

Mastering the art of having faith is a lifelong process.  And I will say it does come from hearing, reading and studying God’s word. Not that I am anywhere close to where I want to be with this Godly skill, but understanding it is now on my radar.

After seriously studying the Bible and praying with God for years on a daily basis, one day out of the blue God revealed to me he had opened my eyes to having faith in him.

It was beyond a Revelation; it was a supernatural surprise where a line had been drawn in the sand.
The line revealed my “no faith” to the faith God instilled in me that I wasn’t even aware of.
My crutch left and the word of God replaced it with a trust in him so real it has become a lifestyle.

Did you know when you read your Bible you are exercising faith?

Did you know when you pray to Jesus you are putting faith to work?

Did you know faith is meditating and believing his word will work?

Like me, I believe most people look at faith as you have to be Mother Theresa or Dr. Billy Graham. Faith has been ever present with them, but there will come a time in every person’s life when they will not be able to control or handle circumstances they never saw coming. For those of us who have been hit over and over from all sides you either get faith or collapse under the weight of that which caves in on you.

I can promise you, spending time alone with God and his word getting faith becomes effortless. The key to applying it and making it work is to read his word as much as possible asking him for knowledge, wisdom and understanding of what he wants you to know.

Faith is like food; you can’t live without it. Good nutrition is necessary to function and it isn’t an activity you do every once in a while. Our bodies require food and water; so our spiritual nature won’t grow and mature without feeding it God’s word.

People have asked me how I got started.

I opened the good book, asked God for a whole lot of help and started reading it.

You just do it.

Matthew 17:20seed

2 thoughts on “Effortless Faith

  1. You are a blessing to me, my sister in Christ.

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