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Hollywood Culture: A Deafening Cry for Help


The latest death in Hollywood, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is representative of our culture.  In the past few years actors or musicians who have passed due to drugs/alcohol continues to rise. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Cory Monteith, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse to name a few became fatalities from fame and fortune they were unprepared to handle.

This group does not include those who have found the cliff only to be stopped by family, friends or habitual reasons that might affect their careers. Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Demi Lovato, Robert Downey Jr., Zac Efron and now Justin Bieber are living on the chopping block waiting to happen.

Is it any wonder the Hollywood culture ruins people?

The devil infiltrated the scene many years ago. Rock music has hit its lows with many involved in the cult or Satanic rituals.

Katy Perry, the daughter of Christian parents has recently renounced her faith. Her father is an Evangelical preacher who with his wife tour the country speaking the Gospel of Christ.  This evidence was revealed at the Grammy’s when Perry’s on stage performance was riddled with evil, darkness and Satanic overtures.  This gifted child has left the God who gave her the voice she has.

Katy was prophesied over by Kim Clement who is a good friend of her parents. The prophecy made years ago was that she would attain fame and fortune beyond imagination.  Is it a coincidence the devil has found her steering her away from her Christian faith?

The latest evidence of what was found in the apartment of Philip Seymour Hoffman as far as drugs go is incomprehensible. Not only was he hooked, he was buying from those who our military fight against every day.

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) He is using the media or technology for all to see his grandiose achievements.  Too many lives have been lost or are on the brink of his evil attachment.

He must be stopped.

God wants these talented and skilled souls he created to understand the truth of Jesus Christ. He wants them to understand he is waiting for them to return to him.

Please pray for Hollywood to be cleansed of the evil it promotes. Please pray for those who have been caught up in this agenda to be brought to the cross for redemption. Please pray for salvation for those in Hollywood.

(Psalm 25:5)salvation_inside


7 thoughts on “Hollywood Culture: A Deafening Cry for Help

  1. Praying….a young lady my son went to school with is part of the new music duo “Karmin” who is currently touring the US. I’ve seen her “image” change in recent months–Prayers for her go up!

  2. It is indeed very saddening. And it is like an impenetrable cycle because the youth look to these celebrities as role models and end up taking their place when they leave the stage. God have mercy.

  3. excellent post!! I agree with every word you wrote! You are an inspiration to the world Cathy!

  4. I read a really great article written almost a year ago in The Guardian on Russell Brand’s struggle with drugs. I’ll copy it here if you’d like to check it out: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2013/mar/09/russell-brand-life-without-drugsok.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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