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Ok. So I am not that Excited

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The following was a poll taken a few days ago about the big game tonite…..

What’s your favorite thing about the Super Bowl?




22%All of the above

30%I don’t care about the Super

Admitted here, my vote was in the 30% group.  Maybe if the teams playing might include the Carolina Panthers or for my husband’s sake the Saints I might be a little more interested.

The past few years have been a disappointment with the ads which is one of the reasons I watched it in the first place.  Between the crass, tactless fashion flubs to the Material Girls’ on stage Viking showdown it makes me wonder how America reached such a vile point.

You would think the world can’t go on without this grand stand football game.  For the last few weeks the hype has been nauseating despite the efforts of past heroes making appearances on every network available.

Many with gambling issues bet on this game. Alcohol runs rampant in sports bars, parties and tailgating. And after 9/11 the threat of a terror attack adds to the cost of security.

But it is a money maker for many. The area where it is held, the local businesses including restaurants and hotels/motels are given a boost of financial success.  It doesn’t hurt the teams are placed in a class few ever attain.

I have to wonder if America would get as excited about Jesus appearing at the Superbowl as the teams and the halftime show?

my boss is a carpenter

One thought on “Ok. So I am not that Excited

  1. Lol, I’m right there in the thirty percent with you! 🙂

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