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South Carolina history has been marred by it’s past. People tend to remember that which is or was evil instead of moving ahead with a positive change.

Comments have been made on my blog reflecting how sad it must be to live in this state. One replier used the term, “God help you” as if SC hasn’t left the 1800’s. Reminding him SC has Charleston which has been voted the “Best City in America” 3 years in a row from the Daily Traveler must have been the kicker that kept him from responding again.

The era of slavery was/is a horrific reminder of a man-made evil that should never have occurred. Somehow the remnants of that sin continue to creep into mainstream life as if those of us presently alive had anything to do with it. Well, we didn’t’.

However, reminders of political factions who imparted such lifestyles as the “White Supremacist” and/or the KKK should be removed.

Such is the case in Columbia where a statue of a Governor “Ben Tillman” who not only boasted his racist authority he lived it. His 4 years in the statehouse 1890-1894 allowed him to promote his agenda into the state constitution aligning himself with what has been labeled the Jim Crow caste system.

This racial structure was a rigid set of laws imposing the theory of placing African Americans as 2nd rate citizens. There was no excuse for such degradation or abject ethnic humiliation.

The stigma has remained but it isn’t life as usual here at all anymore. Quite the contrary, the reverence for each other has thankfully left that motion of impropriety in the past.

But, this statue of this ungodly, sick, coward of a man is not to be honored or noted as a representative of the people of this great state. In my opinion, the statue should be removed; cut into pieces and buried. It is not a historical figure of any worth but the face of pure evil that no one, especially  children should never have to look at.

He was nicknamed “Pitchfork” for obvious reasons. In 1876, Tillman was involved in what became known as the “Hamburg Massacre.” The indescribable horror of the murder of 7 black Republicans by Tillman’s own party was used as a “terror tactic” for political gain to boost his career. The fear worked as the other African Americans who fled the scene returned the next day to what could be likened to a “killing field.”

The argument within the state presently is if they take this statue down, many more would have to follow. Corruption at its worst should not line the lawns of our government properties no matter who or what position they held.

Instead of statues of sheer non-Americanism or anti-Christian beliefs, replace them with those who have been marked as heroes or have given a positive benefit to the people they represent.

Show this country what South Carolina is really made of; not what a degenerate reprobate and his wretched groupies committed.

God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34) It was never anything created or approved by him.

The actions by these twisted men was nothing short of man-made evil.

2 Peter 2: 19 “They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.”

The physical aspects of the above verse would only have meant that those who had “slaves”, or servants would be treated equally as those they worked for.  Hiring people to perform services needed is not slavery.

The context of that verse is revealing to man that whatever removes us from God can or will corrupt us.  We condemn ourselves to bondage when we maintain an attitude that is un-Godly.

Whatever the position, we should treat all people as Jesus did.goldenrule2

Apply the Golden Rule. It works. (Matthew 7:12)


2 thoughts on “Remove the Past

  1. Love the new setup. Good post, Cathy!

  2. Nice post, I just found you and my name is Becki, pleasure to meet you!

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