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The Child Within Us

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To ease my concern of a very bad cold possibly stopping up my sinuses, I landed in the Urgent Care on Sunday morning. God understands our needs even having to miss church to see a doctor.urgentcareclinic_logo

Arriving early, I was very surprised that only one other person was waiting. After she left, watching the Weather Channel continue to tell its Direct TV customers they were going to lose it if an agreement couldn’t be made quickly became annoying.

A few minutes later a young father and his little boy arrived. After he checked him in he sat down with the child on his lap across the room from where I was.  He appeared to be somewhat uneasy or lacking in the art of child rearing. He looked military so it is probable he had been deployed only to come home to a sick youngster.  Knowing the time apart many of the service people endure, learning the ropes back home adhere to many adjustments.

He came prepared loaded down with a diaper bag full of whatever a 2 year old boy would want or need. Juggling the contents of the bag and holding his son his insecurities of what to do became evident.

Thankfully, he had re-arranged the boy so that he was sitting on his lap with his back to him. As he gently bounced him on his knees all of a sudden the little boy threw up all over the floor….so much for being prepared.

The embarrassment on his face was obvious. Fumbling around in his bag to find something to wipe the little boys face with while holding him was a grim reminder. He needed help.

Getting up I told him I would go in the bathroom and get some paper towels.  You would have thought I had given him a winning lottery ticket. Of course the women’s rest room had none so I checked the men’s room hoping no one would arrive in need of emergency relief. Rolling off paper towels I walked out and he thanked me as I gave them to him.

Before I left to see the doctor he expressed his appreciation for my help.  My response was,

“I had a little one many years ago and they all do that!” He loosened up and gave me a quick grin as if to be glad he wasn’t the only parent in the world to suffer through such humiliation.

Oh to be like that toddler.  Little ones who could care less what others think even as they publicly normalize that which adults would never do?

No wonder Jesus told us to come to him like children.

Without any hesitation or unpretentiousness.

Without the restraint or fear of the opinions of others.

They carry with them the freedom to be unencumbered by politically correct idioms or the possibility of retribution for puking in public.

He wants our hearts to be filled with the simplicity of his love accepting it as spontaneously and unshackling as a 2 year old with absolutely no inhibitions.

And we as adults are concerned about “whatever?”


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One thought on “The Child Within Us

  1. what a wonderful story you used to remind us to lay our pride and all other feelings down when we go to the Lord. Thank you for a wonderful post

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