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A True Story of a Miracle of Provision


“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19

This past week God interrupted me.  While I was so busy running my mouth to him I almost missed a vital opportunity for him to grant someone else a much needed miracle.

Many are hurting from all kinds of attacks, evil or doing without. This story is a “big shout out” for those in places of lack.

As many of you know I have my own Property Management Company. Rent is collected at the beginning of each month as stipulated in the Lease Agreements. Timing here was very relevant since I am in contact with the tenants. 

A family who rents one of the homes I manage has suffered financially for quite a while.  Like others who have lost jobs or been laid off this is their story.

Thankfully Megan has a very good job with a huge medical clinic.  With 4 children, the need is great for both parents to be working but Robert has been laid off numerous times simply due to bad economics. He is well able to work and wants to unlike many who feed off of welfare. I commend him for his efforts of working whenever he could find it.

While sitting in my chair, having coffee with God Wednesday morning, all of a sudden Robert’s car came to my mind. Believing it was some random thought I dismissed it and kept running my mouth giving God the latest prayer list of needs.

Again his car showed up in my head.  Ignoring it my one-sided conversation continued until God finally broke in for the 3rd time, “Ask Robert about his car.”  I knew they had 2 cars but one has been sitting in their driveway for weeks.police

“What God? Why?”

God “Because you grew up in a car business. You know what to tell him to do.”

Our minds collect information from different sources. Often God places a phrase or sentence there that becomes what is referred to as a “knowing.”  Like you just know which house to buy or who to marry.

Needing to question it if you are in close connection to God isn’t
necessary. Just believe and act. If you are wrong he will let you know.

Through numerous text messages Robert explained to me the 1998 vehicle had 270,000 miles on it with no radiator.  Replacing anything in a car with that many miles on it is useless.  He agreed with my opinion so I asked him if he was going to buy another car.

Robert “Maybe if we get a refund on our taxes” was his reply.

Me “How are you getting to work with Megan using the other car?”

Robert, “I was laid off. I am not working now.”

Me, “Not again? How are you holding up financially?”

Robert, “We cut the TV/internet off and are now getting food stamps and living on her salary.”

Me, “So you have no way to search for a job or a car to drive to find one.
(Police work is his past history. He has applied to the local departments for
that position but the process is very long and not very promising.)
Is law enforcement the type of work you want?”

Robert, “I will work the night shift at Wal-Mart if I have to.”

At that moment the words came to my mind, “Get in touch with Mark about a job at the college where he works.”

This particular college has around 4000 students so security is a necessity.

I texted Mark. He texted back to tell me to have Robert call the Head of Security at the School.

That was on Wednesday, January 8.job_openings

Robert called me Friday afternoon after his interview.
This is Monday, January 13th and he started work today.

It is rare they have any openings in that department. The day before I found out about Robert’s situation an employee who had been in that position for many years had just been released.

Robert told me his mother had been praying the right job would come along. Mark spoke to the Head of Security over the weekend at the New Student Orientation after she hired Robert. She told him he was exactly what she was looking for.

God’s hand is written all over this.

Anyone out there need a job?

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20 thoughts on “A True Story of a Miracle of Provision

  1. Reblogged this on Rough-Hewn and commented:

  2. Beautiful and so very encouraging. Thank you for sharing this and for showing us the blessings to all involved when one listens and responds to the voice of God.

    • Thank you Judy but honestly it was all God. Like most people we think God doesn’t work or think in our terms which it makes it easy to miss his guidance. The more I hear from him the easier it gets to understand he is interested in everything; including using an old car to get my attention.

  3. It’s always so neat and encouraging to hear how God is working in lives and taking care of His children. Yay God! -Lori

  4. “Just believe and act. If you are wrong, He will let you know.” Great advice, Cathy, and I think I needed to hear that.

  5. I just love stories like this one. God used you to help someone else and you didn’t even realize it at first. I believe in my intuition also. That nagging feeling about his car,,,,,,,,,I am so glad you recognized and acted upon it. You saved this family. I am so proud of you!

    • Terry, This truly was all God. I am learning to act even at times when it appears to be bizarre. If it’s not right, God surely lets me know. One characteristic about God I had to learn is he never does anything as we think he will which probably is a reason some people have trouble believing. We have to wrap our faith and belief around his creativity or give him room to show off! God is using you and has been with Al to show many what love really is; it is genuine.

  6. AMEN to ALL of that! Awesome that you listened….finally! lolol I know exactly what you are talking about :-))!

  7. Reblogged this on Talon's Point and commented:
    A great reminder of God’s provision when we trust in him, including his desire to provide through us when we are listening. A wonderfully encouraging read.

  8. Great testimony. The Lord was so good to interrupt your talking at Him so that He could provide for the need in that family. Isn’t this the way that He often provides for our urgent and desperate needs? Let’s hope and pray that we all listen as well as you listened and then that we will get busy and do what He said to do, just like you did.

  9. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Don’t miss your opportunity. The Word says He has prepared good works in advance for us to do. Listen, look, do. An excellent reminder of our duty.

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