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Is it a Shadow?


God wants us to live our days in his power being ever aware of his presence. There are times we search, seek and yearn for a sign, a note or a nudge he is near. 

Days when there are no words spoken between the closest and dearest, so it is with  EL-SHADDAI or The God of the Mountains (Psalm 91:1)1383076_10153318943015010_1812988768_n

We may hear no sound or whisper. There may be no evidence he is even close by. 

Look deep; you may notice a shadow. 

He is standing boldly between you and your foes.


9 thoughts on “Is it a Shadow?

  1. Awesome image!
    Love that quote too.

  2. You have the most awesome blog!!

    • TY Terry! your encouragement is always welcome! God is so good to speak to us and hopefully I am writing what he wants me to convey. I truly feel God is moving. And I know he is with you and Al. he loves you both. I continue to pray for you.

  3. So good! Love ya girl! Hope all is well!

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