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Who Knew?


The “Writing is on the Wall” or in the news, social media and TV.

The word is God was raising up another Joseph, but in the Middle East. Somehow he must have missed his flight and landed in Louisiana.

Only this time, his brothers aren’t the betrayers; he is a marked man from political insiders, Gay activists and a TV network gone awry.

Who knew he would arrive as a bearded swamp man who loved calling ducks. A man of principal waving his Bible in front of the world as a message of hope, joy and love.

The difference in Joseph of the Bible and the latest copy is the beginning of their lives. One grew up in the family of God; the other veered off the track into sex, drugs and rock- n- roll. Transformation comes in all forms. His was the kind of conversion that shaped the rest of his life.

Who knew what God was planning?

Who knew God was raising up this “swamp man” and his family for the last almost 7 decades to remind America he never left; he hasn’t changed his mind and his word is the truth.

Like Joseph, what began as a work of the devil became one of the greatest stories of forgiveness, grace and vindication.

Who knew God would create a family of long haired, bearded duck callers to become an “industry” within themselves and rock the entertainment world to the core?

Who knew a greedy TV network would contract this family of Louisiana Duck Callers with the plan to get the nation to laugh at them for their religious convictions?

Who knew God had given the hearts of his people the resources to raise up and fight for his religious beliefs?

Who knew the people of God would rally around this family of God by the multitudes in support of his Biblical stance?

And who knew God would allow it to backfire on the greedy in such a big way it would aid in changing the direction of this nation back to Jesus?

Well…..God did.

Isaiah 49:25 “I will contend with those who contend with you.”

The following is an updated photo of the Duck Dynasty family. Look Closely.

What do you see?


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9 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Exactly the thoughts that have been going through my mind. Thanks for posting!

  2. We need the people of God to take a stand like this all the time, every time.

  3. It has. The fear to not offend is creating a fearful generation. One that “goes with the flow” rather than create a disturbance in the pattern. Cracker Barrel learned this mistake recently regarding pulling Duck Commander merchandise after Phil was removed from the show. They had removed the materials so as not to offend & go with the flow of the A&E decision, but did the opposite instead. It reminds me of a banner my church had up in the hall by our youth room: What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular.

  4. So many Christians back down and apologize when this happens. I feel so encouraged by his stand. Our turn is coming so we need to get used to speaking without fear now.

    • Hi Deborah, you are so right! If you want some insight into what God is getting ready to do as of today, Christmas Eve, go http://www.theelijahlist.com. The list of prophecies are there. There are a number of them written in the last week or so revealing what God is telling them.It is overwhelming to me that we are living in this era of time. With all that is happening here in the US I can sincerely feel it; it is like the atmosphere is changing; almost tangibly.

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