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If God is judging America, then he owes Jesus an apology. 

Andrew Wommack



8 thoughts on “Quote

  1. that is a mighty powerful quote. I love it! Thank you

  2. That is a provoking thought to entertain. It causes me to pose a returning thought, “Has all ‘judgment of the nations’ ceased since the Cross?” Hmmm…

    • Great question! I too was somewhat taken back when I heard him speak it this morning. Then God reminded me of 1 Timothy 4:4 “For everything God created is good.” The Old Covenant I believe God did pour out his judgment. But if Christ had to die over and over for each of our sins now and to come, I am sure he wouldn’t want to do that. He only had to die once, thankfully. I can hardly stand to think of that one time much less over and over. My thought is that this does not apply to God moving out of the way when we aren’t seeking him leaving an open door for the enemy to come in and “heap his wrath” upon us. Or as we have done here in America by kicking him out. The further we get away from God, the more sin can take over. If God can only do good and the Old Covenant no longer applies maybe so? What do you think? Maybe what we think is God’s wrath is really the enemy?

      • Very appropriate and thoughtful response (Thanks). In reality, the effect of sin brings of course death, but many other consequences come with a sinful lifestyle also. In reality also, it’s difficult to consider a nation blessed with so much as under the wrath of anyone, especially when we consider that the gospel freely thrives within our borders (at least for now). So we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, and an abundance of worldly goods. I’m quite sure, coming off a wonderful Holiday of Thanksgiving, we should see the blessings bestowed and hype up our worship and adoration of a loving Father who willingly gives and gives and gives. Blessings good friend! 🙂

  3. Three in one…”In the beginning was the Word”…Jesus is God…I doubt that God needs to apologize to Himself.

    • Butch, my thought was as yours. But as I just replied to mtsweat, I wonder if we are mistakenly considering God’s wrath to be the enemy as we have removed God from our lives?

  4. Wait a second! Does Wommack actually believe God does not judge nations anymore because Jesus went to the cross? If so, then does God have to apologize to the 1 million Jews who were slaughtered by Roman soldiers in 70 AD? The destruction of Jerusalem left only one wall of the Temple, now called the Wailing Wall. Jesus prophesied about this event in Luke 19:42-44.

    Or what about Jesus mentioning the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37)? Was the great flood a judgment? Yes, of course it was.

    But then again, maybe Andrew Wommack meant something else by his words.

    • All I did was quote what he said after he spoke it this morning. He even said he would be bombarded with people telling him he is crazy. After asking God what it meant, I think he was saying the Old Covenant no longer exists where God did place his judgement. But once Christ dies and rose again he wouldn’t have to do it again thankfully. But because we are in a New Covenant God’s love was shared completely through Jesus that all was forgiven or his wrath would not happen. Just thinking he meant also that we in America for example have removed God, kicked him out of everything therefore leaving a lot of space for the enemy to do whatever: or his wrath. So my thought is since Jesus rose again, in his blood shed removed God’s wrath; but not the enemy?

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