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The Refiners Fire


One of the lessons I have learned about prayer is the more I talk to God about a specific issue, the more knowledge and understanding he gives me.  

As I have written in the past, I pray daily and have been for the last few years for our nation, the people and especially our leaders. God has a unique method of changing the heart of those who pray. There is a saying,

“By the time you get your prayer answered, the reason you began praying about a certain problem will have changed.”

So it is with the President. Initially I began praying for certain policies he was introducing, changing or ramming down the throats of anyone who disagreed with him. Over time, the more I prayed the more God began showing me his heart, his unstable childhood, the principles and ideals he was taught.

God’s word is infinite. Seeking him consistently opens doors of understanding and knowledge only he can share.

The Bible is the bottom line, the core of his knowledge to base the difference between right and wrong. His book is an outline of our existence giving us guidelines to follow. His arrangements of creation lend the resources for all our needs in abundance.

Life and death belong between the pages of Genesis to Revelation. Encompassed on every sheet is the heart of God forming the circle that begins and ends with his love.

When we aren’t taught or learn on our own these vital standards, straying from the truth is inevitable.


Dr. Keith Ablow wrote this summary:

“This president was lied to by his father who abandoned him, by his mother who abandoned him and by the grandmother who hugged him, but also revealed that she distrusted men of color. 

Now, he wants to be the only adult in town. He needs that much power to feel safe, because he was that dis empowered and unsafe in the past. So, to him, we’re incompetents.”

His view of dishonesty is based upon protection of others. His justification of lying to the American people he honestly believes is for our good. Instead of informing people eons ago they would lose their current health care coverage, raise the rates and deductibles etc. he chose to cover it to keep people safe from the truth until it was necessary to dump it on them.

He learned to lean on the government for everything. This in no way excuses his deceitfulness or obvious use of discrimination. (Acts 10:34) We all reap what we sow and he is no different.

After the reality Mitt Romney would not be our President, serious reflection began. Now, a year later it is clear had Romney won, the conservative base across America would have been totally annihilated. As cruel and merciless as the liberal base has been towards any conservative, anarchy would have risen creating a 2nd civil war.

Somewhere between the President’s re-election Nov. 2012 and the day of his 2nd Inauguration God intervened.

The unraveling of “Obamacare” or now the ACA, is more than a failed piece of legislation.

God has allowed it to fall apart on its own with the liberals in office.

Why? The government is not God.

The democratic theory government is everybody’s source for everything has just been blown to pieces by a law they passed and signed by their President.

God wants the Commander- in- Chief to understand relying on anyone other than the Almighty is useless.  


So the President will understand what he was taught as a child was wrong; leaning on the government is not God’s will for anyone.

So the President’s eyes, ears and hearts will open up wide to see God is our source for all our needs and begin to seek him for assistance.

God knew the only way to get the President and his Democratic base to realize their failure was to create their own failure.

Dr. Ablow believes the President thinks most Americans are incompetent therefore raising himself to a standard of an all knowing god to save our day. 

Success according to God is obeying his will and using his mindset to reveal it to those around us so that it might be worked out in their lives also.

 God’s words to live by.

Ecclesiastes 9: 17 “The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.”


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  1. thank you for always being honest

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