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Christianity 0ut of the Box

The Backward Justification


The honor code is still around. What many of us may have thought was lost has remained.

A shred of evidence is sometimes all it takes to divulge the bigger picture.

Approaching the enemy from his own stance is a mark of his stupidity.  As he revels in what he believes are “wins” he forgets his perfect opponent.

 While he trounces on the downtrodden, sick or uneducated, he picks one or two who have managed to slide through his slippery cracks of revolting iniquity giving them a worldly podium.  The devil could care less what happens after the fact. As long as his pawn(s) are lined up according to his ruler ship, the King and Queen will have a short reign.

Slyly the snake winds his way through a maze of followers of his chosen one. The crowds fall before him in an almost worshipful atmosphere. Little do any of them know how close to death they really are.

That is his goal; to steal, kill and destroy.  Evil breeds evil giving the fiend more power to work with until he takes over.

Or the crowd suddenly wakes up.

Proverbs 14:22 “Do not those who plot evil, go astray? But those who plan good find love and faithfulness.”

Something isn’t right. It smells fishy.

His “anointed pawn” didn’t understand the plot. As he moved in and out of the other players, he was unaware of the severity of the consequences of his movements. He believed the snake had his back but he had slithered away leaving him to his own fate.

One by one his swarm of fans walk away due to his suffocating betrayals.

The pawn engineers his words in a backward justification of his actions. Wrong!

His admirers have witnessed the truth.

His friends will become his enemies unless he makes one more underhanded promise.

Is it too late? Has he ruined his own reputation to the point of no return?

That depends.

One thing is for sure. When you play with fire, you will get burned.



2 thoughts on “The Backward Justification

  1. the human part in me sometimes gets irritated that those who play with fire constantly never seem to get burnt

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