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The Greatest Con Artist: A Liar


Con-Artist-Logo26Definition of a “lie.”

A false statement made deliberately

A situation based on deception or a false impression

To say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody

After having experience with a compulsive/pathological liar for 8 years, pin-pointing their efforts becomes almost predictable; unless you are a liar yourself.

The following outline some of their behavior.

First and foremost, the liar is a con artist. Sweeping people off their feet is the beginning of a walk down “swindler’s lane.” Snagging anyone who will take their bait, their sick game is repeated over and over as their selfish needs arise.  It is all about them.  Putting on a good show until getting caught makes them “masters of disguise” because deception has subtle beginnings.

Once they are caught lying, they immediately deny it, twist it, cover it, shove it out of the way.

A continued pattern, lies pile up until they forget what they lied about to begin with.

Hostility, arrogance and anger at the innocent party is a daily event considering the liar is determined to prove they never lied.  If you are the object of the lying party, you will be subjected to every possible ridiculous explanation not to mention accusations and threats to do bodily harm. And if that doesn’t work, the liar will continue with mental and emotional abuse in an effort to make it look as if they are innocent and you are not. In other words, “how dare you call me a liar?”

In their mind, they really don’t believe they are the one lying; it is everyone else, whoever is available but mostly those they hate. Getting caught gives them permission (they think) to punish those for catching them.

Pathetic as it sounds, liars dish out what they can’t take. Bullies.

THERE IS NO POINT ARGUING WITH A LIAR.  They love to argue and talk, talk, talk.  Repeating themselves over and over telling the same lies is a given. If you ask them to stop they will lie and tell you they aren’t doing that.

Unfortunately there are many different kinds of liars. The two specifically here are:

Compulsive: Habitual because it makes them feel better. They are uncomfortable telling the truth.

Pathological: Manipulate to get their way; have no regard or respect for anyone else’s feelings.  Charm and charisma are the weapons of choice due to their self-centeredness.  Their goal is to always get what they want no matter what.

Once you have had daily experience with a pathological liar, the characteristics are noticeable. As they speak, act or behave their motives become clear. Their facial expressions, body language and movements extract a string of arrogant, condescending and haughtiness that seem to go along with the lies.

Therapeutically, compulsive and/or pathological liars suffer from a variety of negative symptoms from insecurity and fear to a demand for personal attention.  Liars often don’t live in reality beginning each day with a new lie.

Trust is lost causing relationships to deteriorate leaving the liar alone, anxious and possibly go into depression.  One who lies consistently disrespects those it lies to.

This is clearly stated in Proverbs 26: 28 “A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin.”

My past experience with this personality, very closely resembles that of President Obama and many of those in his administration. Rationalizing the reasons why anyone lives this way makes no difference. They need help but mostly they need Jesus.

Instability is a true reflection of the decisions and choices being made from the White House.  Moral values have been lost in political correctness. Egotistical greed has taken over the hearts of those who have been elected.

Please pray with me for this President, his family and our leaders that God will turn their hearts in repentance to him.

Please pray for this nation that people will seek Jesus to open their eyes from the blindness that has covered the truth.

The level of God‘s mercy and grace far outweighs our wickedness.LoveThyNeighborAsThyself

Oh, how we are loved.


Copyright @ 2013 All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Con Artist: A Liar

  1. You have spoken the truth…thank you. Yes, we do need to pray for President Obama, his family, and all of those who hold political office. We must pray for our nation, leaders and Churches… for the conversion of sinners. We pray that hearts will be turned to the Truth of Jesus, eyes will be opened, and God’s leaders will emerge. May God continue to bless you.

    With Love in Christ, Bernadette

    • Bernadette, thank you for your encouragement. I believe speaking the truth is part of my calling. It is so lacking in our society. I am in awe of how God is unfolding the lies and deception in our government and yet it is sad. Prayer with faith moves God to move. Blessings!

  2. Hi Cathy, I don’t feel qualified to make a judgment on this as I’m not intimately involved in American politics. You certainly have a handle on a liar’s characteristics though.

    • Deborah, that is understandable. As the months have passed after the President’s re-election, (not that I didn’t know this to begin with) his actions became evident to me of how closely they were to my ex-husband. It is very sad that anyone, much less a grown man in his position would act like a teenager, throwing temper tantrums and telling one lie after another and honestly believing he will get away with it. He is a carbon copy of my ex; and living with someone like that is sheer misery.

  3. Naphtali. President Obama is a Christian. You can point out any number of faults you might see in him, but in the same breath you need to count out your own faults. And let’s be honest here, because you do live in South Carolina (God help you), does the color of his skin have something to do with this? After seeing this post, I can tell you need the video:

    • Dover1952. We live in a SC city of around 40,000 people; over 1/2 are black. My husband is in college management here where most of the students and staff are black. Our neighbors are black, white, hispanic, Mexican, Japanese, and Indian. We go to church with many different cultured people. We live 5 miles from the largest AF Fighter Jet Training Base in the world where men/women come from all over the place to train. The President like many others in this country claim a lot of things; he has claimed to be a Christian and a Muslim. His brother is a Muslim with the Muslim Brotherhood. He leans that way; it is obvious. Do you pray for him? I do. Everyday. Every day. He is a very mixed up man like many other people in this nation. I could care less what color his skin is. I do care that he is ruining our country along with his democratic base who believe Government rules not God. I do care that he is implementing policies that go against our Constitution, he has lied over and over about so many things I don’t know how anyone could possibly believe what ever he says now. But, I will tell you this. If you read prophecy, God put him in this position twice. Why? Because God is getting ready to do a mighty work in this President by changing his heart. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to him; he just hasn’t gotten there yet. But he will hear from Jesus; and he will change so much even his democratic base won’t recognize him. God has allowed him to reach the top but also allowed him to fall on his own platform. There is a “mighty wind” of the Holy Spirit blowing over America right now that is going to change this country’s direction. Those of us who pray daily are already viewing the actions of God. As far as you calling me racist, ask any of my neighbors; ask the people I sit with in church; ask the staff my husband works with if I am racist. They are mostly black. Have you ever been to the great state of SC? NC? Do you know any white people here who had anything to do with slavery? I love this state and the people. And I will tell you about my neighbor. I won’t say his name but he is a retired pilot from the AF who flew many missions to help save people here and abroad. He is black and I love that man! He and I would get together and chat even though he is now almost deaf from flying so much. He married the lady across the street about 5 years ago. They are both Christians but he left her. He still owns the house so comes around to fix things, but he told me about 1 year ago he couldn’t live with her because she was so difficult. I told him how sorry I was he isn’t there anymore. He told me he couldn’t live with her because she is racist! He said to me” she hates white people.” I wave to her, try to give her garden veggies we grow and she never responds. She doesn’t speak to anyone unless they are black. I understand many people don’t understand, but it was Christians who stopped slavery. SC is not what it use to be and unless those who blame the people of this state for what happened years ago would come see for themselves they would know that. Before you go calling others what you have no idea about maybe you should look in the mirror. And while you’re at it, come to SC! We have the greatest tourist city in the world! Charleston!

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