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Where do you belong? And what are you doing about it?

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Sounds silly doesn’t it.

Of course we all know where we belong. We are where we are. Or are we?

Truth is many are where they are because they put themselves there. Choosing to go, be or do what we choose results many times in making something work when it wasn’t meant to work.  In other words, omitting God’s design for us.

A perfect example is the so-called “Affordable Care Act” or government run health insurance.

The program is an unraveling failure about to happen. Why?

God never ordained a country to promote a government run health care plan. This is a man-made, power hungry, money stealing plot for leaders to gain control of the people.  

The shoe doesn’t fit. So throw it away or ask God to find you a new pair of shoes? Duh….

Life becomes uncomfortable and unsettling when we aren’t living out the purpose God planned for us. Many don’t even try. Others give up before finding out what their destiny is. The result can leave catastrophic effects on everyone involved.

Symptoms occur such as insignificance and inferiority which can then lead to irritation and retaliation. The lack of direction unfolds and a circle of mistakes follow. Waves of hardships and difficulties surround people who refuse to seek God for the reason they were born in the first place.602261_714297525266379_1807094418_n

Joseph, in the Bible is an example of one who knew his destiny. However, his life was not all peaches n’ cream. In fact for many years he was subjected to more than his share of misery including betrayal, false accusations, beatings, and imprisonment.

Joseph stood alone many years. He didn’t allow the expectations of others to get in the way of his dream. He was different and he knew it. Accepting his uniqueness eased the years of torment and anguish he suffered because he used it for God.

No matter what he went through he kept his focus on the goal God had laid out for him many years before. Doing so brought him from the “pit to the palace.”

God will lead us to his calling when we seek and spend time alone with him and read his word. Giving us clues along the way, the Holy Spirit will help us find our passion and desires for life. Self-examination aids in clarifying our positions before God.

As we search, positive qualities will emerge that others see in us. The ability to solve problems unlocks doors of favor and opens up hidden answers we didn’t see before.

God honors us when we plant seeds of hope in the hurting. Encouragement goes a long way in a heart full of pain.

Are you ready to stand out, stand alone and live for God instead of the anticipations of others?

Are you ready to be different?

“When you announce your goals, you provide every friend an opportunity to prove their loyalty.”

Dr. Mike Murdock


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