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The Time is Now


The song, “Go your own way” by Fleetwood Mac years ago was a very passionate, but heart breaking hit. The story of many, the words were written by Lindsay Buckingham surrounding his brokenness over his lost relationship with fellow band member, Stevie Nicks.

He may have written those words about the woman he loved, but unfortunately they ring true today in the hearts of many across our nation.

Going our own way simply doesn’t work in any relationship. “Doing our own thing” is a sign of sheer selfish arrogance with a rebellious spirit which surfaces in our behavior and actions.humble

The “truth” is based on one fact. God’s word which is Jesus himself.

No choices, no alternatives, no detours. Yet, it is the very dimension left out of every corner and crevice of the hearts of America.

John 1:1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Sadly, egotistical pride stands in the way of making right choices. Stepping on anyone who gets in the way of vanity crosses their line of decency. As long as getting their needs and desires met, hurting others along the way is of no consequence. The danger lies in the loss of owning a conscience.

If you live in America and don’t see the “blind leading the blind” then you need more than new glasses. You need a bucket of cold water thrown over your head.

Following anyone who lives in that “dream world” will suffer the same shame, embarrassment and possibly costly after affects.

“Don’t be misled, my beloved brethren.” James 1: 16

This is where knowing and understanding the Bible sets the standards of right and wrong. No excuse is applicable whether it is believed or not. Judgment does not discriminate.

As we are witnessing, lies are being exposed, fraud and underhanded dealings are leaking out of the mouths of “rogue agents.” The liar is always looking over their shoulder for fear of a “whistleblower.”

The fate of others is directly affected by those around them who choose to “go their own way.”

America, it is time to stand for truth.

If you are one that has been “duped” by the illicit exploits of the sins of others, swallow your pride and get over it.

 If you don’t, you will join the many who are right now hanging on to a twig.



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5 thoughts on “The Time is Now

  1. Thank you for speaking the truth. May God have mercy on us! Now is the time to pray for the conversion of souls, and the opening of eyes, hearts, and minds. May God continue to bless you!

  2. Good advice. Gorgeous photo, Cathy!

  3. amen, well put!

  4. love the background photo, and the idea that you are never afraid to speak up. you always amaze me at how you get the point across. If people don’t listen to you, they are in big trouble!

    • Terry, thank you. However I give God the credit for speaking up because it is not my general nature. He has shown me “truth” is what is missing in our lives and my calling is to speak it. But the path hasn’t been easy as he has had to strip me of many personal issues to get to where I am now; not that I am anywhere near where I hope to be. Thank you for your encouragement. I continue to pray for you and Al.

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