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Zion Oil and Gas

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Zion Oil & Gas was formed in 2000 by John Brown, a man of deep faith, to find oil and gas in Israel. The company, whose shares are listed on the NASDAQ Global Market (trading symbol ZN), explores for oil and gas on three onshore petroleum exploration licenses (Joseph, Asher-Menashe and Jordan Valley Licenses) covering approximately 218,000 acres onshore Israel.

Zion has submitted a new onshore petroleum exploration license application to the Israeli Petroleum Commissioner that will be named the Megiddo-Jezreel License. Israel’sEnergy Ministry officially published our proposed license area boundaries (approximately 98,000 acres in Israel’s Megiddo and Jezreel Valley).

Above is an excerpt from the web page of Zion Oil.  I would call John Brown a modern day Noah.

We need more people with his dream, passion and love for God and the Jewish nation of Israel.

His story is remarkable; and one worth reading about.

For more information about Zion Oil and Gas please visit the website.


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