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A Season of Folly (Part 3)

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Proverbs 18:6 “Fools’ words get them into constant quarrels; they are asking for a beating.”

The effort to tell people “truth” is comparable to a fool acting wisely.  The two don’t mix.

America’s educated appear to have missed some major assignments.1379366_189756757877386_834422937_n

Certain people were interviewed on the new health care law. The questions/answers asked went something like this,

“Do you want the Affordable Care Act?” No, I would rather have Obamacare.”

“Which would you rather have? Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act? Oh, definitely the Affordable Care Act; it’s free.”

Beyond this unbelievable show of illiteracy are the fights, arguments and spats over authoritative generalities from minds of literacy who claim to know the truth but are blinded by their own pride.

Taking on a conversation of what kind of government we have as a test, I posted the truth that God has taught me.  

It didn’t take long to find I was the odd one out.  Jumping in on the thread were all walks of life.  Quickly the mood of the comments turned into a bunch of disgruntled, angry, educated Americans. But what was the most disheartening were those claiming to be Christians giving out wrong information and bashing each other for the right to be right.

I don’t claim to know much, but this I do know.

God is the creator of governments and places leaders in the positions he chooses. He establishes leaders, kings, queens, etc. that exist; and spells out clearly the roles of those who sit in the chairs of authority. (Romans 13)

Of course the ridicule began slamming me with constitutional efforts written by men who knew nothing of God nor the purpose for which God created our great nation. 

A question thrown at me was, “Cathy, what do you say the government is responsible for? Who is going to help the poor, and hungry if the government doesn’t? The Constitution outlines the need to help others. Where is your Christianity that you claim to have?”


“This is not nor will it ever be a Christian country. Sure. The Founding Fathers went to church but exercising a faith in Jesus has never been documented.” Those were the famous words from a Christian who received applause from the liberals, and non-believers.

The punch line from a Christian was,1011947_481658521917682_191035114_n

“God is not interested in politics. He could care less what is going on in Washington. “

After I tried once again to get a word in, it made no difference. The goal was to argue personal points of interest as if to promote their own agenda’s. Forget that God had anything to do with anything at all.

As part of my test, the next day I checked the thread which had added more inflammatory comments and the fight was on again.

I deleted my comments. 24 hours later it was as if I had never written anything. My words were completely forgotten.

I could care less what they thought of me. Defending God’s word is not necessary because the truth needs no defense.

Since God is interested in every detail of our lives, then you can’t leave government out.

God may not be interested in slimy, backbiting politics but he oversees and fashions the steps of those he has placed in high positions.  

And…thankfully, he knows more than any of us what is really going on in Washington.

Wait! What was that? You mean God has a few surprises in the near future for America?


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