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A Season of Folly? Part 2


Why do we find it so hard to go to God first?

Why do we ask others what to do when the world is collapsing around us?

Why seek guidance or direction from individuals who are in worse shape than we are?

Sure. Reaping and sowing come along with the territory, but so do God’s promises. Forgetting God has made a covenant with his people comes all too natural for today’s believers.  The reason is most look behind instead of what is in front of them.

The enemy fights his battles with the present because he knows nothing of the future.

Not only is our nation, the world crumbling, weird, strange things are happening. And some of it is so bizarre it is almost silly or trivial.

Who cares what Hollywooder’s are wearing?

Where is the next Big Foot sighting?

Paris Hilton looks back on the good times.  WHAT?

The devil will do anything to get our minds off of what is really important. He could care less what it is as long as he accomplishes his goals.

A key point here lies in the closer we get to God, the more understanding is given to prophecy.

Focusing on the cross aids in alleviating the enemy’s nonsense to form strongholds in our minds.

God is and has heard our prayers. He is in the process of restoration and abundance. So many have been hit with one crisis after another, the thought that God will or is able to do so has been lost.love

Do you think seeking for our needs to be met have been aimed in the wrong direction?

Are we so afraid of another tragedy or trauma God will abandon us before it happens?

Believe. Know that God is for us; so who can be against us?

God is wanting us to step into his yacht.

Doing so requires us to forget the crowd; the blasting, loud mouth media and take a risk of standing alone.

The scope of foolishness hanging over the land needs to be kicked out and replaced with enlightenment of God’s promises.

I cannot emphasize enough what sitting and spending time alone with God will do. The list is infinite. The transformation is indescribable as it naturally becomes a part of you.  Your thinking becomes his thinking.  Instead of seeing the negative, the positive jumps out first covering the imprints of anything the enemy may have tried to plant in your head. Faith takes a leap and you don’t even know it.  The future becomes first and foremost leaving the pain and misery of the past at the doorstep of the abyss.
“What the World needs now” is a close, intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Out of that relationship comes rivers of flowing water satisfying our needs no matter where we are. He gives us strength and soaks us with his Holy Spirit so we will be likened unto a spring that never dries up. (Isaiah 58:11)

Are there any takers out there?


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5 thoughts on “A Season of Folly? Part 2

  1. I believe the world needs to seek God and ask him for guidance since he is the creator of all things.

  2. can you email me on this address pls:hubertoapril@yahoo.com really want to her more from you thanks..smile

  3. my parents told us to figure out things for ourselves first before asking for help. Although I go to God, I usually try to figure it out myself first

  4. good read…..this goes back to Adam and Eve…..once they had knowledge of the world…that knowledge was enough distraction that it caused them to hide from God…..no wonder it is the one thing he forbid them to have….he was trying to protect them from what he knew would happen…..you are so right…we must keep our attention on what he is doing – not what the world is doing!

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