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A Season of Folly? Part 1


Christians need to stop instilling fear into people. There is enough of it going around without God’s people adding fuel to the fire.

God has a sense of humor.untitled

He must be laughing at the hoopla going on in Washington amidst a ridiculous bunch of people who can’t get along. Sadly, what is going on there is a reflection of America.  And that is not funny.

God is interested in solutions and his church.  Through learning how to listen to his Holy Spirit the use of peace comes in handy when it looks like all hell is breaking loose. NAAAAA…..it is really God shaking things up for a massive show.

Don’t take any of this the wrong way; I am not making light of the current state of America. Unfortunately, the cure is not in Washington or in the pockets of any politician, but our Pastors, Church leaders and followers of Christ. The church has not done what God Almighty wanted. It left the path of righteousness and moved to the center of culture. It cannot remain there.

Instead of listening and learning God’s truth, we the people of God have gone into mortal combat with the culture of evil. Instead of taking responsibility for our mistakes, blame is running rampant in the Halls of Congress, the Senate and the Emperor himself.

Israel continually blamed Rome for the corruption surrounding them. Rome may not have been innocent by any means, but God’s people refused to own up to their own misgivings.  Another one of those history repeats itself now?

Reading and researching the doctrine of many, arguments are made, petty accusations come forth and relationships are ruined. While we’re at it why not throw some stones at some of God’s chosen ones? Just because Joel Osteen doesn’t meet the criteria of a Man of God by human standards, doesn’t mean he isn’t chosen by God as a Voice of Hope.

What we have to figure out is God is not reigning in some far off galaxy waiting for the next memo from the White House or Saddleback Church. He is never far from any of us. It isn’t his fault that we don’t recognize him; it is ours.

If I am not mistaken, Christ showed up in the middle of a world of mess. So what does that say about 2013? 2015? 2025?  It says he isn’t finished with America by any standard. There is much work to do that won’t happen overnight.


Predictions of doom are on the rise.  Financial ruin is making its way on the calendars of our walls. Catastrophes of nature are seen as the wrath of God and the fight for Gun Control has been placed on a shelf. Satan may be on the attack, but don’t give him so much credit.

Wake up people; the sky isn’t falling.

God has the answers to everything. So why are we seeking other people or avenues to find them? Why promote that which you aren’t sure of instead of going to God first?


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