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The Queen of Character


Sometimes I think the women in the Bible get left out of the limelight. Most of them didn’t have rap sheets like some of the men.  Oh there was the occasional Bathsheba’s or the prostitute but she did a 180 and followed Jesus.

The men managed to pull off some rather radical sins.

Giving up their Birth rite
Running away from God
Tax Fraud

And then there was Esther.

Born a Jewish beauty who had no idea God would use her to save her people from annihilation, Esther was marked by God to do the unthinkable.

Her humble lifestyle had taught her to trust the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Both her parents had died so her cousin, Mordecai raised her.

If I believed in coincidences, and I don’t, her story would be full of them. To the non-believer reading about her for the first time, one occasion after another epitomizes the events of a planned architect.

The first Queen of Persia, Vashti was deposed for refusing to meet with the King when he requested it.

All the young virgins of the surrounding areas were rounded up like cows in search for a new Queen.  

Forced to leave their families and homes, their lives would never be the same.

And wouldn’t you know it. Of all the beauties on earth, the King finds favor with Esther. Go figure.

The women were given preferential treatment.

For months they were given training. The best of the best were called in.

Miss Manners would teach them what to do and how to act.

Weight training and swimming exercises may have been taught by Olympic Gold medalists.

Clothes from Calvin Klein and makeup from Cindy Crawford were brought in to aid in the transformation process.


Details of how Esther saved the Jewish people from a man -made law to annihilate them marked her as a Queen with brains and beauty. It also gave her great favor with her new found husband.  

Esther was a woman after God’s own heart. She exemplified the wife who knew her place, but exercised her knowledge and wisdom for the good of the people and the King.

Esther was solid in her beliefs and values. Her steady foundation kept her aligned with God.

Her heritage was ingrained in her soul so much she risked her own life to save Israel.

Esther’s love for God was revealed in her trust in him. Her humble posture showed an inner strength and courage outlined with respect for others.

No wonder she became Queen.Proverbs31Pool

Modern society could use some Esther’s.

Proverbs 31


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10 thoughts on “The Queen of Character

  1. I didn’t know that much about her. Thanks for sharing

  2. Cathy, I loved the way you modernised the book of Esther. I know the book well but you made it fresh and newly interesting. Well done!

  3. how have you been? been leaving messages on a few blogs, i hope all is ok..

  4. Man, I just LOVE that woman! And not because she was a woman but because of her knowledge of the miracle of fasting and her trust in the Father! I never get tired of her story

  5. Esther has come to me 3 times in the last week, this being the third. She is a amazing example. I’m listening Lord, what do you want to tell me by using Esther. 😉 Thanks Cathy ❤ God Bless you!

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