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Are you Angry? Grieved? If you aren’t, Maybe You should Be


What makes you angry? What makes you cry?

Road rage?
Your EX?
Touched by an Angel?”
The new drum set the kid next door just bought?

Anger is zeal or wrath with the right focus. Whatever we permit will continue; good or bad.

Spewing verbal nonsense at your spouse for beating you at Spades might not be such a good idea.

Kicking the neighbor’s dog for using your yard as a bathroom might get you a visit from The Humane Society.

Through the ages great men and women hated/and or grieved certain issues so much they did what they could to change them.

Moses hated slavery.
David wasn’t too fond of a Philistine giant.martin luther king
Solomon hated ignorance.
Paul hated legalism.

Albert Einstein hated the violin.

President Ronald Reagan told “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.”
Mother Theresa grieved over poverty.
Martin Luther King Jr. hated hate
Bono hates AIDS

Many issues today grieve me.  Some I hate. For instance:

How the church is being persecuted.
I grieve over abortion, those deceived into homosexuality, injustice.
I hate human trafficking, violence and crime; abuse, dictatorships and bullying.
I hate the possible results of drunk driving.
I grieve over orphans, the homeless and sick; war, starving people, and the terminally ill.
I grieve for those who are depressed, addicted, heartbroken or suicidal; oppressed, innocent and downtrodden.
I absolutely hate cigarettes. And raspberries.
I hate/grieve over what is happening to our nation.

I grieve over the pain and agony Jesus suffered for me.


Miraculous changes are often the result of motivated God fearing anger.

Healing of the wounded or afflicted can be end products of the fire of a grieving heart.

So, you ask,

“What can I do about this?”answer%20the%20call

Ask God.

If God wants any of us to act, he will equip us to fulfill his calling.

Mark 6:46: “And when he had sent them away, he departed into a mountain to pray.”

If we are unable to physically deliver on a need, then pray. Pray and pray some more.

It works.

Who knows. Maybe we can change the world. 


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4 thoughts on “Are you Angry? Grieved? If you aren’t, Maybe You should Be

  1. Amen, keep praying to a merciful loving God who wants us to lean on Him.


  2. Hi Cathy. Wonderfully expressed. I believe God uses those who see the wrong God addresses in his Word. And those who get angry and zealous through prayer and physical change (in the Spirit), to act in accord.

    • Thank you Tahlitha. I agree with you. I have been praying for a long time for the people of God to rise up against evil; I hope what I am witnessing is a good start. I heard a woman of God years ago say, “Evil needs to be yelled at.” Maybe she was on to something.

  3. Excellent!!!! What a great perspective, are disdain for something is what leads to change! Kudos, this was really good!!

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