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Understanding God



Becoming famous use to have its perks. A few remain but today’s market speed technology makes it difficult to stay there. Everything you say or think is “Tomorrow’s News.”

The trouble with it is it may never go away when you have spoken something ignorantly or out of context. No matter how it was meant, specific individuals will pick it apart, twist it to mean the opposite, or use it against you in the court of public opinion.

Certain people should or would be better off zipping it. I could name a few, but you probably know who they are.  

If it wasn’t so serious it would all be laughable. The circus going on in Washington is so obviously tainted with demonic overtones hell must be freezing over. Forget the ice sickles, bring on the “truckers.” Why not add a little more excitement to the portfolio of “The Over the Hill Gang.”

Traffic Shutdown? Truck Drivers plan 3 day protest on Capital Beltway

Traffic Shutdown?
Truck Drivers plan 3 day protest on Capital Beltway

A year has almost passed since the Presidential election.  Many of us, “yours truly” included were confused, bewildered and wondering how God could allow a repeat performance by a man who thinks he is fooling the world?  How could God allow a second term by what appears to be an administration bent on ruining our great nation?

Well……is a deep subject my husband reminds me, but often a great hole to dump things you don’t want around. Mine was initially full of my grief stricken heart over the state of our nation especially after praying the previous 4 years for a replacement President.

After the election God and I had some very interesting and long conversations. Maybe I should re-phrase that one.

God listened to months of my wailing and whining and weeping over what I deemed to be the wrong guy sitting in the White House. He also got an ear full of my sniveling about his cronies.

Now, 11 months later I know why.

The following link will give you the reasons why God allowed President Obama to be re-elected.


Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, law-breaking, corruption, and cronyism.

 If Mitt Romney had won the election, he and the Conservatives would have inherited 4 years of questionable policies, scandals and possible criminal negligence.

 Even though Mitt Romney and his potential administration had nothing to do with all that has come to light and been exposed, the media and left winged Obama lovers would have locked him away and lost the key. And who knows the smear campaign that would have been leveled against his wife and family.

 The onslaught of hate, racial discrimination and lying would have placed the Republican Party in a court of law without a trial. Throwing anyone and everyone who voted against their “King” into a dungeon of slander and slime so deep would have resulted in a much worse future for America.


God allowed the perpetrators to remain in positions of authority forcing the issue of accountability.

Slowly the truth is “leaking” out revealing to those who have been blinded the betrayal they voted for.  

 Evil fought and won what it worked so hard to obtain.

 Now we are watching in real time that evil falling flat on its proverbial face.


And that is the result you get from kicking God out.

If you aren’t careful he will give you want you think you want.  

Then you have no one to blame but yourself when it falls apart.



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3 thoughts on “Understanding God

  1. Thank you for your thoughts and all the info. We must stand in the Light of God and speak His Truth!

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