Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Christianity 0ut of the Box



Remember the quote,
“If all your friends jump into a fire, are you going to follow them?”

Well, no but….

But nothing.  The world is full of experts who follow the crowd.

Maybe that explains our tainted morals. Oh. What was I thinking? We have no morals!

We have chosen to accept the praises of men rather than God.

I have a confession. You won’t find me watching any awards shows for the rich and famous. To be perfectly honest, they disgust me. While hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to watch the “Parade on the Red Carpet” people are starving. Outrageously expensive Vera Wang’s, Jovani or Sydney’s Closet gowns are given the thumbs up or down for “Who’s who in Hollywood Chic.” PUKE. If there is anything good to come out of such a mutual admiration society it is jobs.

As a single mother I worked many years to provide for me and my daughter but I couldn’t have made it without the help of my parents.

There comes a point when you simply have to leave no matter the cost. Looking back I should have left long before I did.  Trapped, due to few jobs and the need for a paycheck I remained out of total necessity.

Lousy working conditions, difficult personnel and very little pay or raises, burnout became my daily recourse. You would think being a single parent who was obviously struggling in every way, a gesture or two of gratitude or appreciation might have made all the difference.

Not in our society.

After 12 years of resentful and jealous subordination I turned in my Letter of Resignation.

Begging and pleading for a change of heart, confessions were given with more money, better working environment and whatever would make me change my mind.  It was too late. Confirmation of my leaving was made when he asked,

“What will I do? I don’t even know how to do what you do here?”

Hiring a replacement immediately so I would have to train them because he couldn’t, I spent my last 2 weeks there filling her head with 12 years of work. She quit after 6 weeks.office_plants_sjpg199

The 2nd one lasted a little longer before she walked out.

Desperate people do desperate things when their own reputation is based upon someone else’s qualifications.

Months later an invitation arrives asking me to be the “Special Guest” at the “Red Carpet” dinner of the small town’s annual banquet handwritten by the one who lost my allegiance.

Forgiveness came when I left with no hard feelings, but I had no interest whatsoever in receiving an award and a free dinner to appease his guilt. Most likely this was brought on by all of the people he refused for me to tell prior to leaving who saw me as a “reliable fixture.”

I do not report this as any kind of recompense for my labor but in the hopes whoever did remain would be given what I never received. If you treat people poorly you will lose them.

As Christians, we should not need the affirmations and praise from men.  God makes that clear in the Bible that he is the only one that counts.

Galatians 1:10 “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Learning God’s word and trying to obey him gives those who follow him a boldness otherwise never found. During those years God taught me what that brashness meant even labeled by some as an “introvert.”

Joyce Meyers jokes about her inability to help in the nursery, or cook.  She does know that God told her

“I have given you a mouth. Now go use it.”following_Jesus

We may stand alone in our love for God, but it sure beats getting burned.


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2 thoughts on “Follow…….

  1. I was in the exact same situation as you – my boss would give me ALL her work to do and plus obviously my own so she could read books and send email jokes. I was booked off for a month due to burn out and when I left was told, “What will I do? I don’t even know how to do what you do here?” Amazing!

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