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A Funny thing happened while trying to shop…


Shopping for clothes for me is a chore. Buying shoes is an activity I put off until my shoes are lined with holes and stripped of color.  This is a result of stores who buy few petites and size 5.5 shoes.

I have never understood how designers/clothing shops charge more for petite apparel when the amount of fabric used is minimal compared to Misses or Women’s fashions.

After surfing online stores for Jeans relentlessly with little or no good results I headed out to the Mall.a58606

By the 3rd or 4th stop, discouragement set in. Frustrated that 6 inches of extra denim hanging from my feet came with every pair I tried on was not my idea of a fun shopping spree. Buying new Jeans was a necessity and the only reason I attempted this hunt.

The decision to continue seemed useless, but on the way home my car pulled into the parking lot of TJ Maxx.

Scouring through racks of Jeans the story was the same. The extra denim covered my feet and dragged the floor. So much for a positive attitude.

No area was set aside as a Petite department. Searching for a clerk to aid me in my “nervous breakdown” the only one around was the cashier. The check- out counter is positioned so you have to get in line at least 10 feet from her.
In between me and the clerk was an added 5 feet so my only thought was to speak loudly so she could hear me.

Waving my hand at her like a clown, a spontaneous expression of my delusional state spewed forth.


The 20 or so people standing around burst into laughter as if I was trying to be funny. Well, I wasn’t.
But at least the droll faces lit up and it made me feel better!

All of a sudden customers rushed to help me.

You will be happy to know 2 pairs of Jeans were found that didn’t trail behind me with denim to go.


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6 thoughts on “A Funny thing happened while trying to shop…

  1. I hear you, Cathy! I’m short too and find it hard to find petite sizes that are for the “not so young” ladies! And I do not find it fun to shop. It is an arduous chore only done in extreme necessity. 🙂

  2. Jeanne, glad I am not alone in this but know how you feel!

  3. I hear you too, Cathy. I’m not short, but where are all the clothes that you don’t have to wear a singlet under for modesty? The jeans that aren’t ripped or dirty? The t-shirts that reach my hips? I could go on…

  4. LOL! And skinny jeans! Blugh!

  5. Your jeans are always too long, mine are always too short… different ends of the spectrum, but I feel your pain. 🙂

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