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Stories within the Story: The Bible


People have asked me,the Bible

“What is so interesting in the Bible? What does it say to you that it doesn’t say to me? It’s just plain boring.”

I use to think the same way. The family Bible is often table decor.  Smaller ones ride along in the car or your purse, but are never opened.

Hearing how “words” or phrases would jump off the page seemed ridiculous to me or impossible. Who came up with that idea anyway?


He made the Bible a living, active, breathing soul. (Hebrews 4:12)

Curiosity can be risky, but not in this case. When life throws you a ripple effect of misfortune and wretchedness over and over, finding answers becomes a priority.

I knew where to look so I dove in headfirst.

Not knowing what I was looking for, what to read or where to start asking God for help seemed appropriate. Once I began and nothing happened, it was easy to get bored or more unbelieving than at first. Persistence pays off in other areas of life so I made up my mind to make it a daily habit. That’s right, I said “habit.”

As time passed, days, weeks, months of soaking myself in God’s word, I began to notice my thinking was different. Unusual concepts or ideas flooded my brain. Questions showed up I had never thought to ask. Inspirational meditations became motivation for me to continue this practice.

I remember a moment of “now I know there is more to this life and I know what it is.”

The capacity of wisdom, knowledge, prophetic insight and foresight in the Bible is infinite.

If you haven’t discovered there is another world out there that is real and empty of aliens, then you should.

The earthly existence we share is minor compared to what God has for us in the supernatural.  We are truly just passing through.

The first time I experienced a “rhema” or words that literally jump off the page it was surreal. The words appeared for an instant to be hovering in the air, or glowing.  Usually this occurs at a time of answered prayer or to give direction. Believe me, you know it when it happens.

The word “logos” means word or Jesus.

John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.”

Jesus was and is the word. Since Jesus is alive, so is his word.

As an avid reader most of my life, reading words that truly come alive was a brand new experience. There is no other book that does this.

As I have written before, what began as a “habit” is now the greatest adventure I have ever been on.

Getting in tune with the Holy Spirit as your guide, he will take you through the Creation of the world to the Lion’s Den only to end up having a life changing event at Easter every year.

There is so much to learn across the pages of the Bible.

I am so sure reading, studying and praying over God’s word as often as possible is the reason we are here.  Why?

Every page, word or verse leads us to the focal point of the Master Designer.

And the Master Designer gives credence for everything on the face of this earth and heaven above.


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6 thoughts on “Stories within the Story: The Bible

  1. thank you for taking the time to explain to so many exactly why we need to read the Bible!

    • Terry, so many Christians don’t read the Bible. If they did there would not be so many unanswered questions. and more peace.

      • so true Cathy. I admit I don’t read it as much as I should. Al just takes so much time. But I do talk to God about everything. Thank him constantly, and am aware of so many things he does for Al and me. I hope that God is not disappointed in this from me

      • Terry, God knows what you are dealing with 24/7. He understands. How could he be disappointed in a sister loving her brother as you do? He is very likely rejoicing over the fact you care as you do and the example you are setting. When we are doing his work, then we are putting the Bible faith into action. As your needs for Al take up your time, chat with God while you are doing them. Who knows; he just might show up.

      • I do talk to God quite a bit. I tell people I talk to God like he is my best friend. They just look at me. I tell them I don’t have to get on bended knee to talk to him. I talk to him as I walk through the house or am dealing with Al. It may sound silly to some but I am just used to telling him everything

  2. Learning to stand on God’s word is so vital to one’s survival! Great word, Cathy!
    God Bless you!

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