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Reflections from an Angel

One of the many daily devotionals I read is one written by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. Two TV moguls who wrote and produced the Bible Miniseries.

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

It is called, “A Story of God and all of US: Reflections.”

The two of them wrote this after the miniseries was presented before Easter on the History Channel.

God is moving in areas of people and places most believe he left and ran away from.

Roma Downey lost both of her parents before she became an adult. Her mother died when she was 10 and her father had an unexpected heart attack on her way home to visit him while in college. It is evident of how God carried her through and has blessed her life even after so much pain when you read this book.

An interesting side note to my post here I never knew. When Roma Downey first began “Touched by an Angel” she and Della Reese became very close. It didn’t take long before Della realized how much Roma missed her mother and a new mother/daughter relationship was born.  Roma speaks of how Della stepped in and filled the emptiness she had felt for so many years.

Roma Downey with Della Reese

Roma Downey with Della Reese

During the filming of Touched by an Angel, Della had the unexpected tragedy of losing her own daughter.  As Della quickly became a mother to Roma, Roma immediately stepped in as the daughter she lost.  They consider their relationship “family.”

What we lose, God fills in when we trust him and place our needs before him. He is the great administrator of “plunder from those who hurt his children.”

In one of the daily “Reflections” from the Bible Miniseries they wrote about the filming of the tomb where Jesus was placed after the crucifixion. Interestingly the point came up about the Angel rolling the door away which was presumed to be a rock of such great weight it would be impossible for humans to move.

Think about that. The Angel scared the poor guards so much, the story was changed.  No one would believe Jesus had died and rose again with an angel sitting on the tomb door speaking to the guards saying something like,

“Hi, I moved the stone. Hope you don’t mind but Jesus woke up so I let him out. His calendar is already full of appointments.”

Guards: “Right. Sure. And we are all but dead men now.”

Angels of the Lord

Angels of the Lord

Can you imagine? It’s almost as if God imposed his sense of humor upon the most important event in history.

That’s right. There had to be another reason because Jesus could have gotten out of the tomb any way he wanted to.

He didn’t need the Angel to move the stone, he could have moved it himself.

He could have just used his “spirit nature” and walked through the door.

He could have broken it into pieces with his own hands and walked out.

But, for the sake of human accounts God added his own flare; a character trait he loves to exhibit and one that also changed the course of history.

When you are the Creator of the Universe the position holds many obligations.

One of them is privilege; he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and however he wants.

And no one can stop him.

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