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The Great Physician


About a year ago I had a conversation with someone who had been in different types of ministry but had to retire due to severe depression. I will give them the name Tony.

Counseling others on the subject aided in this person’s daily misery. They were able to lend a shoulder or offer words that hopefully encouraged and lifted others up.

Curious to know which healing scriptures were used to add support the response was not Isaiah 53: 5 or Matthew 8:16-17.

Tony: “We are very careful not to give people hope. Realistic expectations is a much safer form of therapy. That way as time passes depressed people aren’t waiting for a cure.”

Confused, I asked, “You don’t give them hope? Or God’s word?”

Jesus heals a leper. From the Bible Miniseries

Jesus heals a leper.
From the Bible Miniseries

Tony: “No. It might give them the wrong idea.”

I was smug. My facial expression must have been what I was thinking which was, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

“The wrong idea?” I asked. “How can giving hope to anyone be the wrong idea?”

Tony: “Right. We want to be truthful. Since God is no longer in the business of healing people, we can’t honestly tell them they will be cured.”

Have I missed something? Aren’t there scriptures from front to back of the Bible on healing?

Me: “What do you mean God doesn’t heal today? If he didn’t none of us would be here.”

Laughing at my naiveté what followed hit me like a truck.

Tony: “Besides, God doesn’t want people healthy. There is no scripture to back that up. If there were I would know about it. And if God heals today then why am I so depressed?”

Me: “Let me tell you a short story. About 13 years ago I was very sick and in need of surgery. My insurance would not cover it. The enemy continued to tell me I was going to die. At times I felt like it but then God showed me 3 John 2. Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. He also gave me Romans 15: 13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. First of all it solidified how much God loved me and wants me well and whole. 2ndly it gave me hope. So how can you tell me God’s word is wrong?”

The response was angry and miffed.

Tony: “How can you possibly tell a sick person God wants them well and he still heals today? Don’t you have any compassion? All that will do is give them hope for something that will never happen and ruin what little faith they had to begin with. What you are suggesting is harsh and cruel. Sure, God may heal one person and not the next, but not everybody is chosen.”

Me: “Are you implying God has favorites? That God only wants certain people to be healthy and others are left to fend for themselves? Who is really being harsh and cruel here? You don’t have the right to withhold the truth from anyone and God’s word is the truth. And if I am not mistaken God does not show favoritism. Romans 2: 11.”


Had I been given the opportunity before they so rudely left, I would have told them a story Dr. Mike Murdock gave in his book “The Assignment.”

He was 19 years old in church ministry as an Evangelist.  During a prayer line a woman approached him for healing. The conversation went something like this:

Dr. Murdock: “Do you believe God wants to heal you?”

Lady: “Well yes, I believe he wants to teach me something through this illness.”

Dr. Murdock explained over and over to her to embrace his word that he wants her healed. After getting somewhat frustrated he asked her,

“Do you take any medicine? Do you see a doctor?”

Lady, “Well, yes I take quite a lot of medicine and see my doctor regularly.”

Dr. Murdock, “Then you are sinning against God. If God wants you sick then why are you going behind his back trying to get well?”


God does not make us sick and never used it as a teacher.

The enemy attacks with disease, sickness, illness and mental incapability’s.

If I had to go through my life believing God doesn’t heal, then you may as well lock me away now.

Jesus defeated Satan on the cross.

He also defeated every sickness and disease.

I know this works; otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this now.

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9 thoughts on “The Great Physician

  1. I agree with you – I dont know why people think “He does not heal today”. That is not in Scripture anywhere. Although I must admit, it is one of the most confusing subjects!

    • It is only common sense. Why would a good God not want his people well? or prosperous? or successful! Personally I have witnessed miraculous healing in my own family. Even the doctors can’t explain them and deem them miracles. And it refers to “all” men in the Bible? That sounds like everyone!

  2. Hi Naphtali,

    May I use your photo of Jesus healing a leper for my Facebook timeline photo?

    • Hi Kim. I download photos like that from the Bible Miniseries so it isn’t mine. Google, Images of Bible Miniseries and loads of them will show up. I checked out your blog but it is unreadable. The words are copied over each other; most likely a wordpress issue! God bless!

  3. my brother has asked several times what he did wrong to get sick. he thinks maybe God is mad at him. I tell him over and over pretty much what your post is about but I don’t think he believes me

    • Terry, Please tell Al God loves him. The enemy attacks God’s people. God wants all of us including Al healthy. God has brought people back to life; he has taken those who were very sick and healed them. It is all over the Bible. Al is still here…for a reason? Al did not do anything wrong. The enemy wants us to believe his lies and that is a big one. Jesus defeated all sickness on the cross. The lashes he took on his back represent all the diseases that would ever hit any of God’s people redeeming us from them. Start viewing Al from God’s point. See him healthy. Pray over him; Trust God and turn Al over to him. Read healing scriptures to him and let’s see what God does!

      • I do read scriptures to him. I have told him that God is good. I am always amazed at how much Al loves God and yet Satan is playing with him.

  4. sadly, I used to think like “tony.” but when i finally learned that God does not bring sickness to us or punish with it, then I learned that just seems to show that he will heal us just by delivering us from satan’s attacks on us. after all, God didn’t even make Job sick…but he healed him from what he had allowed satan to do….after my stroke, my definitive explanation to anyone, is that God healed me. I like your response to Terry too. good read, your post blessed me today!

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