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On the 8th day……


On the 8th day God looked out over his creation and asked all the people,and-god-said

“Why isn’t my church praying for America?”

“Why isn’t my church praying for Israel?”

And the people responded,

“But God, we are too busy…what with work, raising a family, soccer practice, church dinners; we barely have enough time to sleep.”

And God replied,

“Have you been living in a hole? Have you paid any attention to what is going on in my world? The suffering, and destruction is making its way into your backyards.”

And the people said,

“But God, can’t you stop it for us? We have a baseball game this afternoon.”

And God responded,

“I could, but only if you pray. And if you don’t pray I cannot protect you from the evil one. You see when my people don’t pray, it removes me as their guard and the enemy fills in that space.”

And the people said,

“But God, are you telling us we have to choose between praying and soccer practice or watching our kids play baseball? And what about dinners at church?”

And God’s voice became stronger.601970_10200451603996995_212544540_n

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Proverbs 3:25

And the people said,

“So God. Are you telling us our houses will break in half?”

By now, God is scratching his head with impatience.


The nation of America is divided. I have been shaking things up; exposing deceit of all kinds. My heart aches for the little ones who have lost their lives at the hands of wrong thinking; for the ones who have strayed into perversion. I yearn to bring the lost home to me, to stop the violence and restore the wounded. I long to be the voice of reason in a government gone awry and to bring my church back into order.

America is my child; a nation created in the image of my word. I founded you to feed the poor, give shelter to the homeless and use the wealth I have bestowed upon you to supply the world’s needs.

America is my second Israel. The one I formed to aid in my first Israel as their support, strength and guard. America has generated itself as an ally to my homeland in the past, but you have allowed the enemy to infiltrate every part of your being by pushing me aside, removing me from your daily lives.

So here is my decree America.

Come back to me. I have laid upon your hearts my church, to invite me in again.

Fill the Holy Spirit’s yearning to hear you sing my praises, reach for signs and wonders and pray in the heavenly languages waiting on the wings of my angels.

 The time is now to prophecy the future of America and Jerusalem seeking the great miracles I wish to impart to you both.

As I spoke the words to you in 1 Corinthians 12, the church is my bride filled with the gifts to be used for all the ages. For the church is one body made up of many parts connected by my Spirit.

So Pray America! Open the doors and pray together! Pray in the daytime! Pray in the nighttime! For the answers to the world’s problems can only be found in my presence.


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4 thoughts on “On the 8th day……

  1. There are so many foolish reasons but I hate to admit it, people are turning their backs on God. They are looking for a fix, a miracle, a quick answer. But there is only one answer, God. It will never change, God is the answer. Wonderful post!

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