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There are no Duplicates


We are all unique. Sadly many people don’t know it.
We are all so unique there is only one of each of us.
Some people might like the idea of no duplicates.
Our individuality is a God given gift so that we might discover and utilize the mission for our earthly journey. It is through this mission or task we become all God meant for us to be.

Most people go through decades on earth never knowing why they were born much less lived to a ripe old age. The reason?

Seeking God to discover their assignment is never on their to-do list.
The working world is full of unhappy, dead-beat employees. Why?
They are pursuing a job or career God didn’t equip them to do.

Before we were born, he placed in each of us a reason or objective to discern and carry out.

It is up to each individual to seek God to lead them to their divine appointment.
The obviousness of one who has found their passion for God needs no advertisement; it just shows.
After 40 years in the wilderness, God revealed to Moses his calling as the “Deliverer.”
God revealed to Joseph when he was very young he would raise him up as one who leads.
The Virgin Mary was 14 when the Angel of God spoke to her about becoming the “Mother of Christ.”

Depending on the service, many go through years of training, preparedness and discipline. Others seem to find out when they are 8. (LOL)
The key to discovering your calling is giving God your time. He is looking for a personal relationship with each of us which leads to miracles and open doors to the supernatural. As you get to know him he gradually and progressively speaks to you about what he wants you to do. The two-fold act establishes the relationship and prepares you for what is ahead.

As time passes and you begin to understand, he builds inside of you a desire and hunger to fulfill your destiny.
Once that is accomplished, focus on it. Build your life around it even if it means removing or saying “No” to anything that does not contribute to his plan. Take the clutter or baggage and throw it out. Do not dip into pots you have no business dipping. God gave you his “field of dreams” or specialty when he created you and he is delighted when we discover it.

God is looking for availability not genius. He is looking for quality not quantity.
He is waiting to teach and mentor each one of us to learn all there is about the vision he placed in our hearts.
It may be one pursuit. One mission. One assignment.

Jesus saw Peter in his boat after a lousy day of fishing. He made his way through the shallow water and stepped into the boat.

Peter asked him,
“What are you doing?”
Jesus, “Asking you to follow me.”
Peter, “To do what?”
Jesus, “To change the world.”


3 thoughts on “There are no Duplicates

  1. Wow…thank you! We all need to heed these words and look to Jesus for our true identity and mission. May God bless your day!!!

  2. I like that – availability, not genius! I’m always fascinated how He chooses the “weaker” or unsuspecting people of the world to do great things for Him

  3. True worshipers in spirit and in truth sis..amen to this.

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