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Tribal Refuge? Maybe, Maybe Not

It’s difficult to comprehend in a world full of technological advances so far ahead of itself there could be anyone on earth living totally uncivilized. In the east Andes jungles of Peru are between 12 and 15,000 Indians who live in their native aboriginal state.

According to the following article these people make up around 15 tribes yet to be modernized at all.


They have chosen this lifestyle but are increasingly being targeted by loggers or others invading the territory for natural resources.  Rarely are they seen but have wandered out a few times in the last few years as outsiders or planes have flown over their habitat.

Due to the possible hazards to their lives, the Peruvian Government along with other humanitarian organizations such as Survival International are laying groundwork to protect them from becoming tourist attractions.

Known as some of the world’s last “uncontacted people” getting close to humans other than their tribe members open them up to disease and illnesses their bodies can’t fight off. Their immune systems cannot withstand the common ailments of the outside world and have proven fatal in the past killing as many as 50-80% of tribal members.1225976982_0

These itinerant tribal groups tend to set up huts where they have before especially along the Amazon River where there is water.

The clans have their own communal laws including kidnapping women and children from other clans using man-made bows and arrows as their defense. Many were exposed to “genocide” in the 1980’s from attacks from loggers and mahogany seekers.

They have tried to live in isolation along the southeastern Amazon of Peru.  However the intrusion of other humans has forced them to be on alert and somewhat dangerous.

One can’t help but be curious about these tribes.

How have they survived generations remaining purely who they were originally?

What do they know about the outside world if much at all?

Are they curious now there may be other people(s) besides them and when was that discovered?

Are there teenage sons and daughters fighting with their parents to find out if they can join the lands of the living?

Do they have gods or worship some spirit that may or may not actually be the God of the universe?

Where does Jesus fit into their lives?  Do they know there is life after death? Have they been exempt from hell because they can’t be held accountable for their uneducated lives?

How do you witness to native aborigines who physically might die in your presence?

Or how do you get close enough without them killing you?

The most recent photo of a Mashco Piro family.

The most recent photo of a Mashco Piro family.

They weren’t put there by accident.

Generations of people just like them have survived in the past.

There is a reason these natives remain.

They are not to be used for bait or vacationer’s photos.

After researching these very interesting Indians, the only solutions to all my questions is that only God knows.

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