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Rules, Rules and more Rules

Rules are meant for restraint, keeping the peace, giving guidelines to live by and to punish those who break them.

Well, you ask who makes the rules.

Who has the credibility to write such laws?

If we weren’t born with the “Lifebook for Dummies” do we make up our own rules?

Do we get to change them along the way?

What if your neighbor’s list of decrees don’t match up with yours?

Imagine everyone living by their own instructions. Actually you don’t have to imagine too much because the world is headed that way. AND THE RESULT IS SELFISH CHAOS!

It doesn’t work. It will never work. In the process people are fighting and many are dying over man-made rules that were never meant to be put into place.

Even common sense knows humans can’t be trusted to create their own declarations of existence.

Which is why we have a Creator who is neutral; unbiased and doesn’t play favorites.

He is overly qualified to make the rules, set up parameters and give advice on any subject.

He is fair, protective and full of positive directives.

His Technical Writing skills are professional.

His ideas are artistic.

And there is no lack for variety, action or drama.

The stories he tells are real. The sonnets are a poet’s dream. His letters hold no punches.

From beginning to end he gives us what we all need even if it isn’t what we always want.

He knows what is best and describes in detail how to live life.

Only his plan isn’t legalistic or hypocritical.Bible 2

There is no basis for lawyer jargon or unwarranted media attention.

His objective is all about justice, freedom and feeding the poor.

The focus is peace in a fallen world.

The goal is hope for the hopeless.

The aim is the truth.

The answer is love.

And he is the author.


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