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This is the Day….


I have to remind myself this is the Day the Lord hath made. 

For sure I am convinced the enemy does not want me on a laptop.  

After owning this new Dell for 6 days I am shattered when I turned it on this morning  to find the horror of the RED ALERT! YES; Viruses had already attacked. 

Of course, the first thought was, “NO! PLEASE GOD NOT AGAIN!” 

Without the ability to do on-line chat I called Dell. 

And you won’t believe what happened. 

A sweet, nice girl from India became my friend. She spent time working with me for 2 hours removing those vile ills. 

While waiting for the repair programs to do their work, she began a conversation asking me how my day was going.

She was very appreciative to have someone to talk to about life, instead of Google Chrome, Malware or the 1000 ways now to get a virus.

I managed discreetly to usher in “religion” somehow….that had to be God. She told me she is Hindu. I asked her “what does that do for you?”

She replied, “I am not sure what you mean?”

Me, ” Have you ever thought about what being a Hindu means?”

Her, “No, not really. I have Hindu friends.”

Me, “Oh. That’s nice. Do you know anything about Christianity?”

Her, “Oh, I have Christian friends too, but we never discuss religion.”

Me, “That’s nice. You know there are differences in the two?”

Click. All of a sudden the phone connection stopped.

Me, “Hello? Hello? are you there?”


Me again, “Hello? Hello? Where did you go?”

About 2 minutes later she came back on. It hadn’t disconnected but we lost each other temporarily.

Her, “Cathy, are you there?”

Me, “Yes. I am. Can you hear me?”

Her, “YES! But I thought I lost you. This is so strange. Whatever my phone did has never happened before…..”

What the devil meant for harm, God turned it into good.

The devil tried to stop the conversation, but what he doesn’t know is I planted the seed before his UNRULY INTERRUPTION!

Also, I have a new friend who will be my personal Dell Assistant whenever I need one.

So much for the viruses. Just another tool God had in his pocket.


7 thoughts on “This is the Day….

  1. Oh that Satan thinks he is so smart@@@ God is so good!

  2. We just never know the ways God works, can we? And Cathy, I love how you asked her the questions about what Hinduism does for her & what it means to her. What a great way to start up a “religious” conversation. I need to remember that

  3. Can you believe it!!! He interferes everywhere! I agree with Chrystal – I really liked your approach! I must remember that one

  4. Wonderful story! Good for you for sharing about Christ to the woman from India. Very often when I call customer service for anything and am directed to some personnel with a very thick accent, I get bugged that I have to try to understand what they’re trying to say to me in the directions they’re giving me. But how wonderful it is that you have a greater amount of patience than I and that God provided for you a reason to call this person and talk to her. Hallelujah!

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