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Standing your Ground


“On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And expedience comes along and asks the question, is it political? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? Conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor polite, nor popular— but one must take it because it’s right,” said Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

The above quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was made by Reverend Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Baptist Church in Redmond, Washington, May of 2012.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson

Dr. Ken Hutcherson

Speaking to his congregation recently after the acquittal of George Zimmerman how African-Americans define themselves by their leaders, the media and anyone of their race without doubt.

His argument stated that it didn’t matter if they were being lied to.  Believe them because it is a betrayal of their heritage to do otherwise.

I wonder if he would come speak at our church.

We all need this lesson.

God’s truth is the truth, no matter what.

Reading the story of Paul yesterday, he was a man placed in the court of public opinion before and after a true judicial bench, just like George Zimmerman.

Paul or Saul was born a Roman citizen but a Jewish Pharisee also. Maneuvering his way through the “sect of the Nazarene’s” to kill anyone who followed this man named “Jesus” he succeeded only to become one himself. It had to be a God, thing.

Yet, his life became a “man on the run” due to his heritage that he betrayed for the Son of God.

Paul’s circle of educated hypocrites couldn’t accept he had forsaken his birthright to follow an imposter of the Messiah.


Paul stood in front of his accusers speaking of his lineage as a Pharisee and his hope in the resurrection. (Romans 23:6-8) The next day some of those very Jews plotted to kill him. (Romans 23: 12-15)


He was sent to the Governor. He ended up in prison for 2 years waiting to be tried. (Romans 24) Even King Agrippa could not find charges reasonable enough to put him to death.


Many today believe loyalty trumps the truth even when it is wrong. Not much different than in Paul’s era.


Reverend Ken Hutcherson and the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. got it right. Both men followed the course of action as the Apostle Paul did.


They have taken the “Stand your Ground” law to a whole new level of allegiance to the Creator of the Universe instead of the court of public opinion.




Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/black-pastor-speaks-frankly-to-blacks-about-trayvon-martin-100545/#fGox82Key0XOEzGa.99

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5 thoughts on “Standing your Ground

  1. Excellent message and points. Truth is truth-no agenda.

  2. I did like that, Naphtali. I have been dismayed and grieved to see happening amongst my own friends that loyalty to man is replacing loyalty to Jesus.

  3. Ah Cathy that is so true – ‘it is a betrayal of their heritage to do otherwise’. Here, the current government steals from the people forcing them into more poverty. They see it and complain endlessly, but they refuse to stop voting for them for that exact reason! Because we have a horrid history of apartheid, to vote in a white government is out of the question. The current government support abortion and when I question some black Christians as to why they would vote in a party that goes directly against God’s Word they throw a massive tantrum asking how dare I say such a thing! They put the government before God only because the government is black

    • Exactly the point these two men have quoted. Christians have to get to the place of overlooking such issues and realize walking true faith with God means sticking to his word no matter what; no matter who it may hurt or anger. I really don’t know how one can be effective as a Jesus follower if not doing so. The conversation could be with a non-believer of trying to bring them to Christ then they ask the question, “how then can you believe this case was unjustified and that the jury’s decision wasn’t correct?” Duh……

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


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