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Who are the real Traitors?

Confirmations from God are always needed, and usually wanted unless he gives us warnings.

The depths of scandals circling the present American government, have reached an all time high. In all my years on this earth, nothing is comparable.

My thoughts on this guy, Edward Snowden began as “what or who is he?”

Mixed feelings and emotions rise out of the media and their interpretations.  As we all know much of television news is by far biased and often unbelievable.

God provides us with the Bible, the Holy Spirit and now technology to get the truth.

Asking for clarity from God on whether he is a traitor or hero, I was led to research this sought after named criminal.

What is his perspective and reasoning to expose his finding now and why?

Believing at first he was really in trouble with the law, I deemed him a traitor to our country for purposefully placing us in harm’s way.  Wait. Stop right there. Something didn’t fit.

Why would a 30 year old, ex- employee, “infrastructure analyst”  an NSA contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton go to the trouble of risking everything including his life to expose top secret government information?  Was he getting paid off? Would he be placed in some kind of protection plan, sent off to a remote island to live out his life or what did he have to gain by such exposure of mass surveillance programs?

Following his trail have been extraordinary efforts to stop him by our leaders.  Finding this questionable should be our first clue.  The claim the NSA was tampering with our privacy for protection is as ludicrous as telling the President’s friend in Russia to turn him over to the FBI so our government can make him disappear.

So why can’t we get him? Russia wants his evidence so they will allow him to stay holed up in their airport? Or is his hiding out there divine intervention?

However, that is not the end of the story. Quite honestly it has just begun.

The liberal elites are terrified. Why? Mr. Snowden may become Mr. Snowden(s).  Who knows how many other NSA whistleblowers are out there? What do they know? What else does he have to spill?

This can only mean those running the country are guiltier than Edward Snowden.  He has nothing to gain now.  He may be a criminal for not handling his evidence correctly, but our President, his Cabinet and liberal friends are on a cliff of treason themselves.  Breaking more rules of the Constitution of the United States, this present administration beats all others combined.

What Edward Snowden has done besides risk his life for the foundation of America, is bring to light the truth of what is going on behind closed doors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  With our President leaning to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Democratic Party has lost its footings in the waves of defamation.  The few true Republicans are overwhelmed by the lost judgment of our Constitution by those who deem it “out of date” and don’t seem to know what to do next.

So…..what do you think God has planned?

My thoughts on this were substantiated by Rick Joyner.

MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #79 – July 8, 2013