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Mistakes: Failure or Successes?

Failure is not an event; but an opinion.”

                                       Dr. Mike Murdock

How true is that statement?

But how many have been littered with the effects of being told over and over they are nothing but failures?  One wrong becomes the thorn in the side of the child who is continually pointed out as an “outcast” or the sibling who never gets it right.

Failure has become a politically incorrect fiasco.

Society today is a filter of who is a success and who has just failed. Read the headlines and it is an “up to the moment” agenda of ratings. Who is in and who just went out.

If you are in you can do no wrong.

No matter how long you were in if you just flopped expect the beatings to be painfully long and a media explosion of your latest blunder.

Failing in the eyes of the public today is not for the faint of heart.

Not according to Dr. Murdock. It is an opinion.  It is a thought process, an estimation or assumption.

He says it is not a specific moment in time or the day you were fired or failed that math test.

As Christians, it is easy to dwell on that which is not accomplished.   Whining to God about how we haven’t figured out how faith works so easily in one area of life, but invokes disastrous feelings of failure in others.

What are we? God’s understudy?faith

Hark! We don’t know it all.

Grappling with efforts of prayer, meditating on God’s word and kneeling before him for years, failure stares us in the face.  Of course knowing God never makes mistakes so the entire deterioration of our souls weighs us down like a boulder falling off the nearest cliff. How do we cope with that?

Leaving out the fact that we are waiting for God to use us only we think he can’t because we are stuck; stuck in the mud of fear, doubt, worry, unbelief, etc. etc. etc.  If stuck isn’t enough, trudging along the highway of “why can’t I get off of this highway” maybe equivalent to that 40 year trip the Israelites made.

What we forget is God is God. He uses us while we are trudging, while we are waiting on that area of faith we seem to find ourselves groveling about.

During this process of growth we learn characteristics about our Creator we didn’t know he had.  Not sure why we didn’t know them because he is, AFTER ALL the God of the Universe.

Have you discovered what a great listener God is?  While begging or pleading our case for faith yet to be found, he sits patiently, lovingly and at times probably laughing at our theatrical drama.

He reminds us we are not botched up inadequacies as the world labels us.

We are seekers of his truth.

Lights in the darkness.

Hope for the hopeless.

In our wilderness journeys we will trip and fall more times than we would like.

But with his help we get back up and keep moving.

That isn’t failure.  It’s the trademark for success.





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