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Is this your Final Answer?


We need more information; there isn’t enough.

Those days are long gone.newspaper

As an avid reader, refraining from it is almost like going through withdrawal.

Reading books use to be my thing because it was all we had besides the newspapers.

I still read some books, but mostly articles, stories, newspapers online, and blogs. Occasionally, coming across the bizarre catches my eye because it is so unbelievable, silly or ridiculous I can’t resist.  It makes me wonder if the eccentric or ludicrous was always present but not published or did the world become so peculiar since the internet was born.

Information is power. Or someone said.

What do you do with all the material/propaganda/scoop out there?

While part of it is worthwhile, much isn’t.

Scrolling through the daily scandals, government waste and who’s who in the entertainment world will leave you wondering what happened to America or when did it become an unhinged society.

No one, no culture will survive without God.

The elite Ivy leaguers over the last 50 years have been making decisions for everyone about everything.  It goes without saying they don’t know everyone or everything; but don’t wake them up. Until a rock hits them hard enough, they have crowned themselves king.

Attitude will always win out over genius.

Worldly information is useful to a point, but it will never live up to the truth of God’s wisdom and knowledge.  All the information in the universe won’t set anyone free.
What matters isn’t what others tell you or what you know yourself.

Information is vital but what you do with it is what counts.

Remember the days of studying for exams?  At the end of every semester right before exams started an open invitation lurked the halls for crying fits, coffee all- nighters and irritable students.  Falling asleep in the dining hall was a given.

Preparation was inevitable. Studying for hours on end was a declaration.  After an entire semester of repetitious study of the anatomy of a frog or Chemical equations, we just wanted it to end.

Learning God’s word is a little like college; only the tests are real life and often harder than remembering water is H ² 0.

The repetition of study in the Bible is unique. Joyce Meyer describes it like this:

Meditation takes information and turns it into revelation.”

Meditation is a repetition of the promises of God.  For years, I have spent hours daily meditating and praying over God’s word.  As educated as that may sound I am not even close to learning all the book is loaded with.  God’s wisdom and knowledge is infinite which can be overwhelming.

The never-ending unforeseeable future in it only reveals God’s awesomeness.  My chair remains in the “University of God” and will for the rest of my life.  Unlike college exams, I never want to leave his classroom.

Joyce Meyer also says many people get stuck in the information zone and never move into revelation. Revelation is freedom.  She says and I can confirm it, the revelation arrives when you know that you know that you know that you know.  And when you know, nothing or no one can or will change your mind.  Countless times I have encountered such a “knowing” only to have others throw in the towel of their unbelief.

It sounds difficult, but once you have a revelation from God he gives you an indescribable peace in the midst of your loneliness.  He sets it in stone for you.

In other words, this is my story and I am sticking to it.

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4 thoughts on “Is this your Final Answer?

  1. I agree with you…information overload! The worst part is the information is coming from a place of confusion and deceit…no wisdom there. Thank God for His wisdom and love! For those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear. we must pray for the conversion of hearts, and live in a way that glorifies God and touches unbelievers’ hearts. May God bless you!

  2. great post. you are like me, scanning through the junk trying to find the meaning. My brother has read his Bible all the way through at least 20 times and yet still reads. For me, Joyce is the way to go as I don’t entertain church buildings like I used to. I want the closeness with God and I find Joyce easy to understand. I find the churches so far I have attended are full of politics and I don’t want politics, I want a relationship with my God

  3. A little over 20 years ago, I went to a Joyce Meyer’s meeting. She was great. Thanks for reminding me of her.

  4. Hi Cathy, you are so right NONE of us have begun to scratch the surface of the Word… It’s depth of content is overwhelming. The more we learn, the more we learn we know very little of it’s teachings. Truly the most amazing book in existence. Lord bless you.

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