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“Are you still so dull?”


Not exactly the words you expect out of the “Messiah’s” mouth but they were.

The disciples were often confused or misunderstood Jesus words and actions. Who wouldn’t?

His intellect/IQ is unmatched. Public speaking and teaching were built-in gifts.

We know Jesus’ annoyance with the Pharisees, but his disciples appeared dim-witted or sluggish or a little slow on the uptake of his purposes.Jesus and disciples

Jesus had no problem with being the Messiah.

Imagine sitting around a fire after dinner with Jesus.

Do you ask if he wants to play Gin Rummy? What about Monopoly?

Do you offer him fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and ice cream?

He may prefer a blueberry pie.

The disciples in their meager efforts had big shoes to fill before they ever put them on or knew they existed. Excusing them for their feeble mindedness is a given. Why?

How could you possibly play Gin Rummy with the Messiah and expect to win?

How could you sit around a fire without being in utter awe of his presence?

If it were me, mumbling may be the only communication I could muster up.

There is something to be said for praying to him unseen.

Jesus words from Matthew 15: 16 are in reference to his response from Peter,

Explain the parable to us.”

Jesus must have hoped by now his devoted protégés’ would have climbed out from under their rocks.

As easy as it is to identify with Jesus’ disappointment, it is equally understandable the disciples bewilderment.  The veil had been partially removed. In other words they just didn’t get it, yet.

Joyce Meyer’s famous quote, “I’m not where I want to be, but at least I left where I was” fits perfectly in this scene.

He was not only hard on those who slighted or refused him, Jesus exhibited his true nature of discipline on his closest friends and allies.

From the tone of Jesus’ words, “are you still so dull?” he may have hoped these special confidante’s knew him better than it appeared.   The message of the Gospel is to seek Christ for a personal relationship with him.  The relationship opens up the hearts and eyes for his followers to understand learn and know his word.

As time passed, Jesus’ character was revealed. Not only did he perform miracle after miracle, teach knowledge no one ever heard, he was love.

Jesus showed tangible love supernaturally.

Eventually the disciples understood this.

And the rest is history.


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13 thoughts on ““Are you still so dull?”

  1. LOL! I’ve long felt sorry for the disciples. Jesus wasn’t kidding when He predicted we’d be better off with the Holy Spirit than with just Jesus in the flesh. His treatment of them also helps us resist the temptation to deify the disciples; Jesus was to hard on them to support such a pedestal!

  2. I really love reading your blog!

  3. At least none of the disciples replied, “Huh,” to His face. Although I’m sure, they did in private to each other.

  4. Naphtali, I loved this. The disciples were on such a steep learning curve, but when we read things like the gospels and the letters of Peter, we can see how much they grew. That’s pretty encouraging.
    (PS I looked for you on Facebook but couldn’t find.)

    • Thank you Deborah for your encouraging words. Not that I am even close to being a disciple, I understand the frustration they had.  On Facebook search for Cathy Craig Neil in Sumter, SC. Naphtali is my pen name I chose a few years ago based on one of the tribes of Israel.  I will look for your connection there. If you can’t find me let me know.

        Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


  5. My dearest friend, I have nominated you for 2 awards, please visit this link:transcendingbordersblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/2-awards-in-1-combined/

  6. HAHAHA! Cathy, I can’t believe it. My Life Group is reading through the Bible, and we just finished Matthew & Mark. I COMMENTED on this EXACT verse during our time together on Tuesday cause it made me laugh. Yep, Jesus, we ARE ALL so dull 🙂 Actually, there are quite a few things that Jesus said that seem really harsh…and hard to understand why He said them.

  7. so true..! We are dull…yet we so often try to appear smarter than we are (at least I have had that problem) and who is it that we are fooling…not Jesus. He already knows our weaknesses and limitations in this world…so if we are humble enough to admit them…he still chooses us…

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