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The West Wing of Charlotte’s Web

Sean Hannity closes his show every night with “Do not let your hearts be troubled.”

That statement or verse carries with it the “crux” of what God wants our lives to be; peaceful and calm.

Well, forget that. Not in today’s world. If anything, the opposite is epidemic.

But….if God wrote it, then he must mean it.

The basis is trusting him no matter what.

We are in the midst of America’s shaking.

In a few short months, our government has taken a dive into scandal after scandal. The corruption runs so deep we are finding out the true nature of the Obama Administration. The President sets the tone for those employed under his leadership which speaks for the chaos, resignations and lies being exposed.michele malkin

There is no doubt of his wishes. He has openly extricated Christianity from the Oval office. The sacred seat held by many before him has been stained with hate and revenge he holds in his heart against those who he believes are or have been better off than most.

You have no idea how much or many times I have prayed for his soul to be released from the hostility and antipathy he carries around and spews from the podiums he stands behind. It will eventually eat him up and those who follow him. My concern also runs deep for his daughters.

However the enemy has tackled him and those he has surrounded himself with, the ball has now landed in the other court. Not the court of “I knew this would happen” (although I did) or “why didn’t you people listen to the truth?”

No; the court of tangled webs has filled the halls of the West Wing as if “Charlotte” laid her eggs there.

So what does this mean?charlotte's web

Satan loves to wear us out. If he can overwhelm God’s children with more than they can handle, he will pile on the afflictions and torment until they break. I believe our nation is on that cliff but we can’t allow it to happen.

“What goes around comes around” is circling Washington. They have reaped anti-Biblical positions in almost every aspect of American life and the sowing has begun of their sinful reaping.

The answers to America’s problems are not in Washington. From a Biblical viewpoint, they are in the Bible. From a geological position, I believe they are within the states and their leaders.

We need to pray for Godly leaders to rise up and speak.

We need to pray they will have courage and strength to continue to fight for that which God gave us.

We need to pray for their protection and resilience to battle the foes of our constitution with an unprecedented fortitude led by God Almighty.

We need to pray for individual states to reign in our freedoms as our God given rights.

We need to pray our Governors and State Attorney Generals will use their authority to bring justice back to our government removing those in conflict with the law.

We need to educate the people to understand the truths of God’s word and how to implement it into daily life along with the governing of this nation.truth

People; we need to pray, pray and pray some more.

And when you have finished praying; trust God to answer you and bring America to repentance so he will heal this land.


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