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Salute to the Baptists


Yesterday, the Southern Baptist decided against the Boy Scouts decision to allow Gay scouts in their troops.

I am not a Baptist and may not agree with all of their policies but they are headstrong and committed to their purposes.  My husband is a Deacon and we attend one of the largest in our area.adbc

Such a move is exactly what is needed right now. The stance is built on the rock of the Word of God that homosexuality is an abomination to God.

Media is already running the decision with the expectation of a “mass exodus” of youth in the organization who support it. I have already experienced a church split several years ago for this very issue of homosexuality.  The split resulted in a great loss for those who voted against God’s word.

I can already hear the slander, hate-filled words aimed at the church for standing up for the truth. However, they will find out the Baptist beliefs are steeped in deep conviction of the Bible and its foundation.

Beyond the fact of this decision it is a serious fracture in the Boy Scouts to agree to this change. Growing up as a Girl Scout, I can’t imagine even discussing such an outrageous possibility. A 12 or 13 year old boy who all of a sudden decides he is no longer “straight” has come to this position through the sick influence of those who choose to ruin this country.

I have news for them.

Picking on the Southern Baptist church is like trying to stop a train running at full speed.




7 thoughts on “Salute to the Baptists

  1. I will ask you the same question I have asked myself so many times. Why did the Boy Scouts change and allow this after so many years of sound representation?

  2. Apparently you are unaware that the Girl Scouts have officially allowed homosexuals in their organization as scouts AND leaders since the 1990’s. I don’t like the fact that either organization allows this as acceptable morals, but why throw one out and not the other?

  3. Good for them! Hatred for Christians is increasing at an alarming rate, we have to stay so close to the Lord now to not become politically correct like the rest of them

  4. so sad…..but God did say that the world will call evil good and good evil….just another step closer to the end for the world….

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