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“Political Savvy: How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot.”

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“Mrs.  Johnson, you next appointment is here.”shoot-foot

“Thank you Marla, Please send him in.”

Mrs. Johnson, “Hello,”

Hi. Thank you for seeing me today.”

Mrs. Johnson, “Please; have a seat.”

“I see by your resume you are well qualified in finance and taxes?”

Yes, Ma’am.  

Mrs. Johnson, “And you worked for the IRS.”

“Ugh, yes, ma’am.”

Mrs. Johnson, “So you are the famous “Mr. Spock.”  Faris Fink of the IRS.  I guess you are looking for a job aren’t you?”

Faris Fink, “I can explain.  First I really appreciate the interview. What you heard about the scandal wasn’t all my doing. It was a lot of pressure from all depts. If you didn’t go along with it you could get fired.”

Mrs. Johnson, “Oh, Mr. Fink, I’m sorry. You thought I called you for a job interview? “

Faris Fink, “Well, yes. I sent in the application and my resume. I just assumed that is why you wanted to see me.”

Mrs. Johnson, “Mr. Fink. Did you enjoy playing Dr. Spock? What about line dancing?  And how about your hotel rooms? You know the $3,500.00 a night rooms? What about the hotel finder’s fees? Wasn’t it $27,000.00? Free tickets to Baseball games?  Don’t let me forget the $64,000 for gifts including bags and journals with the conference logo.

Mr. Fink, I did not call you in here for an interview. No. I called you in to tell you how much I don’t appreciate what you and your fellow IRS employees have done with my money, or the single mother who can’t pay her bills and the man who just lost his job. People are hungry and you are flying around looking for hotels to stay in that are considered “upgraded.”

The government slashed our military’s jobs, salaries and benefits; businesses are closing or firing employees due to the threat of Obamacare. The poor are poorer, the middle class is shrinking, and the elderly are losing medical care. This country has been through the worst financial crisis in decades and you are not only squandering our tax money on yourself, you are part of the most discriminating, shameful and repulsive scandal in the history of our nation.  You have ruined some of my friend’s lives with your underhanded, unscrupulous exploitation of personal information and long awaited extensions for answers concerning their applications for status of charity deductions.

Mr. Fink; I believe the corrupt distension of what you have done is far reaching; to the point of criminal activity.  I believe the scandals covering Washington reach the top in an effort to distract conservative, taxpaying Americans from the fraudulent election of 2012.

Mr. Fink; you are the last person I would ever hire for a job. You are now an untrustworthy, stained individual who will be fortunate if you are allowed to pick up trash. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

However, Mr. Fink, I am a Christian and one of your IRS targets who spent months being harassed, given unconscionable demands and even asked when I use the bathroom but I forgive you. I pray for God to open your heart to his truth showering his love upon your brokenness and that you will repent and change your unethical practices.

There is the door Mr. Fink. Use it.”



The Moral to this story is it only takes one choice or decision to ruin your life. Thank God we have a Savior.

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. “    Oscar Wilde

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One thought on ““Political Savvy: How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot.”

  1. this post is awesome!!!! thanks Cathy, loved it

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