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You Know that Thing?


There are times when a foreign object or problem  is dropped in your lap and you had nothing to do with it.

The object can become a “thorn in your side.”  Wasn’t this  supposed to drop in someone else’s lap? Think again.

Is this outlandish issue something you are unqualified to handle? or is it more an “intellectual challenge?” or completely alien to your realm of understanding?

Welcome to my World

Events that happen where you are totally incapable of dealing with and you are diligently trying to follow God, have to be God. There is no other explanation.

How do I know that?

Over time the closer you get to God, the more you know him and his character you begin to see Him in the middle of that thing, whatever it is.

Did you ask for that particular assignment?

Probably not. Wait a minute….

Maybe you did.

Did you ask God to use you?

Did you give God a list of your best attributes for him to coordinate with how he plans to use you?

or what was your “burning bush” moment?

burning bush

God wants willing hearts; not for us to decide which burning bush we get to spray with the water hose.

No.  When he uses his followers in many cases there is no forewarning. No time to prepare. No writing on the wall or email.  God doesn’t even send a text.

What is the line? “I am sending you out like sheep Black Sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”
Matthew 10:16

Classes of life’s learning are meant to show up during these unexpected calls.  Years of God’s teachings and words should surface.  Abilities unknown should emerge that weren’t built in at conception.

The element we fail to see is when a crisis or dilemma occurs all of a sudden, we forget all God has taught us or who is in charge. Viewing trials from the flesh can prompt one to believe you are ready for the nuthouse. My reservations have been on hold for a very long time.

Why?” you cry. “Lord, I am the last person for this job?” “I am not qualified God!”


5 thoughts on “You Know that Thing?

  1. I love this, am experience it, and appreciate this post as encouragement! Thanks!

  2. Imperfection is the ahha moment! That’s the perfect specimen for his calling! (Side note- I have been praying for a confirmation of something from God(It has been 4 days) And this contained the confirmation) Thank you for letting God use you! Isn’t it amazing when he uses our words for layers of intentions?! God Bless!

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