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The ABC’s of Faith



Small word with great value.

How do you know if you have it? If you do how did you get it?

You know you have faith when you look back remembering when you had none.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

Christians have heard that line over and over.

What we don’t realize is you have to study God’s word for faith to grow.

Faith isn’t something we grow ourselves; God grows it as we learn from him.

I can say that because my faith has grown where I had none.

In other areas I feel like I am in first grade.

Frustration hits when you have absolute faith over there, but over here you forget part of the alphabet.

Jumping from A to H is a mindless step.  A-B-C-D-E- and so on is the logical preference.

Bits and pieces of faith eventually fill the puzzle but God is a God of sequence and order.

Is God too small to do the impossible? No.

God is bigger than any impossibility. Just speaking those words should filter through our system of belief creating more faith. Then what is the problem?


We may believe God can do the impossible over there, but over here we have doubts.

God and I have had more conversations about this than I can count. He is really patient because I would never put up with me for that long.

Seeking him over and over in one area of receiving victory is not nearly as much about the problem as having victory over it. Having the determination to trust God becomes priority over the suffering.  Your love for God has reached a plateau past the pain.

My husband says I am trying too hard.  Tell him to go to the farm for a while.

What if he is right?

Past rescues from God reveal what he does for us when we don’t deserve it, we have failed or are really going about it all in the wrong way.

As I have said before God’s mercy for our effort is limitless.Hebrews11

God prefers we start with A rather than Z. or worse M.

Yet, he meets us in the middle or the end of our rope.

He also prefers we not beg, bargain, cry, feel sorry for ourselves or whimper.

But he knows our hearts which often supersedes our wailing, sobbing or screaming.

After we have exhausted any more adjectives of moaning, groaning or pity parties, God still gives you faith. However small it may be, you know you learned you are not where you were and never passing that way again won’t enter your mind.

Truth is no matter how difficult we make it for ourselves, he takes our emotional ruin and shows up in places like a bathroom.

There is very little in life more defining than having the Messiah show up while you are taking a bath.






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5 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Faith

  1. Often, the Lord speaks to me while I’m showering. I think He’s big on hygiene.

  2. Faith a five letter word. Everyone is familiar with it. We all know how to pronounce it. Yet no one can see it, few want to trust it, many run a way from it, but yet it is all we have to cling to in this world

  3. “Your love for God has reached a plateau past the pain.” Such a lovely and true statement. The Lord is patient with us I agree.

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