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An Uprising

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In the wake of devastation occurring in “tornado alley” the horror of what happened in the span of 40 minutes is hard to swallow. The photos, videos and heartbreak of loss and damage are shocking.child survivor

While grief and pain are written on the faces of those rummaging around to find survivors, an uprising of faith from around the country is taking over.

Don’t tell the folks in Moore, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas prayer isn’t appropriate or worse, politically incorrect. Everywhere people are praying!

Interviews of survivors are using the words, “all we can do is pray.”

Prayer is the best act to be done. God is all over facebook, online news and TV requesting prayer by the faithful.

surviving kittens
Postings of miracle photos and videos are showing up; even pets and God’s smallest creatures are being rescued.

God didn’t want this to happen. It is completely and totally the face of evil.

Let us continue to pray for those fighting through the debris and loss.





American Flag

Let us pray without ceasing for God’s great hands of protection to cover this land once again.

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