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Love thy Political Opponent?

Inspired by Jock Hendricks:
Worship Pastor of Alice Drive Baptist Church, Sumter, SC

When did we begin to hate?

That was the question our Worship Pastor asked yesterday.

Caught up in the politically correct politics, Americans have taken sides.

The firestorm is either right or left and if you disagree there is no negotiation.

Or at least the attempt has been lost even among family and friends.

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement.

While one may accept another person’s views, it doesn’t mean they are agreeable.

For instance. Just because a person claims to be homosexual doesn’t mean agreeing with that lifestyle is correct; it isn’t. The two views may be opposite but hating each other?

When did we get caught up in such a dilemma the outcome has been total division?

Jesus hung out with some rather seedy characters. Did he hate them? No. He loved them into his kingdom. The individuals decided whether or not to join him.

The battle heated up over serious issues in government such as abortion, homosexuality, taxes, debt, spending, borrowing and the list goes on and on. Either side of the aisle took on an unprecedented following. And then……the country got stuck on “rights.”

As if to strip each other of what we love or need depending on which side you are on, the elimination really ended up that we all have lost a big chunk of ourselves. In and of itself that may not all be bad if it is purposed with God’s will of pruning.

However, mixed in with all the emotional upheaval that comes with hate has been discrimination. As if hate wasn’t bad enough “racism” took sides filtering in among the “rights” provoked. Get over it.

If I really wanted to pitch a fit of being discriminated against I could. After all I live in a military based city where the first question asked of me is always, “are you military?”  The base personnel receive first class service, freebies and percentages off of everything from meals to diapers.  Argue that point with a soldier who comes home from Iraq after being deployed for a year and says to you, “I don’t like getting shot at.”

Who are we to believe we deserve anything good? Our so-called “rights” stem from one piece of degradation. Self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic, Me.

Our society has taught us to hate each other, ostracize anyone who disagrees with our personal agendas and fight to win even if it’s wrong. That issue of “wrong” depends on who you talk to. Never mind God wrote it all down and even labeled them “The Ten Commandments.” How hard can that be?

Think or ponder a moment what the world would be like without a set of God given rules. Oh…..sounds all too familiar.

I don’t hate anyone but there are some humans if you can call them humans I could hate. Hitler, Ariel Castro, Adam Lanza, King Herod, Pharaoh, the Boston bombers…what about the thief who hung next to Jesus on Calvary? He may have been the worst criminal on earth at the time.  That guy is in heaven now. He was a last minute convert but the gates opened and he walked through them.

Hate in our hearts can only be reconciled through Jesus. Unfortunately some have aligned the scum of the earth with political sides.

Jesus discerned humanity with wisdom. He said, “Do not be deceived” out of his love for us. He wasn’t nor is he now pursuing to take away what we believe are “rights.” If anything he is giving us his rights.

His rights include grace, mercy and justice which in his book trump judgment any day. (James 2:12-13)

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